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Mb blade irons

Mason W

I am a 9 handicap and i am thinking about getting the titleist mb blade irons is this a good or bad idea.

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  1. Evan R

    It really depends on if you consistently hit your shots in the sweet spot or not. I am a 5 handicap and play G15 irons. But, if you want more workablity then the blades are for you.

  2. Carlo Angelo

    Like what everybody will be saying... try them out first.  Nothing beats actual hitting, demo all Titleist irons available.  Get fitted as well.  That will help a lot.

    I started out the season at 10.  Got new irons (712's) 4-5 AP2, 6-9 CB and SM4 (47,52 & 57) wedges.  Now my handicap is officially at 6.  I got fitted at the Titleist Regional Fitter in Glenview, IL.  Good move on my part.

    Handicap is not the basis of what type of irons you should get.  The important thing is finding out which iron will fit your needs.  Feel, comfort and confidence.  Again, seek to get fitted for your clubs.

    Good luck and happy golfing.


  3. Dave D

    Nothing will replace trying them out and getting properly fitted. I got 910 MBs as a 14 handicap last year, but I generally hit my irons well (I have worn sweet spots on my old irons). Several buddies thought I was crazy, but the MBs felt the best and the numbers told the story. Plus, I knew my problem was the tee shot. I'm now a 5.5 and still dropping, and I won't look back -- love my MBs even when I miss hit them. 

  4. Deno


    I agree with Carlo and Dave.   Demo the clubs and definately get fitted.   I play the 695 MB with S400 Sensicore shafts.   After playing other 695s MBs with a few different shafts, I stumbled upon my current setup  quite by accident.   I love Titleist MBs but would have saved alot of time by getting fitted in the first place. 


  5. James H

    As everyone above has said try them and see. I am also thinking of moving to the MBs from my 710 AP2s, with the hope of getting my ball flight lower. I am a higher handicapper that suffers from a bad short game, but if I listened to everyone about what I am "supposed" to play I'd be gaming some really bad clubs. I'm still waiting for Titleist to make a ball that knows its supposed to go in the hole when I putt it. See what works for you and go with that. I also highly recommend getting fitted as you'll be able to dial in what works best for you.

    Good luck

  6. Steve H

    I say that the ap1 and ap2 set is amazing. my wife is a high handicapper and has the 710 ap2 irons.  now she does not play enough, but really benefitted from being Fit.  She originally was in a stiffer flex and the wrong lie angle with another company.  we just got a set off ebay.  Fitting is key ... seeing ball flight is greeat, but having th fitting professional analyze the spin and ball flight on a monitor either with or witthout outside hitting to me is the way to go. 

    I also want to point out that some fitters are not going to point you at a specific set, but just the general setup.  Then you can pick the appearnce / blade or cavity characteristics you want.  one inch short is same to me in titleist, adams etc.  Just have to baseline with Mfgr to make sure you are getting what you need. I had a PING iron fit and Black long was same as  two degree flat with TM.

  7. John L

    like people are saying. handicap dosent matter its how you hit them. demo them get a fitting and if you hit them well give it ago. I absolutly love my 712 mb's best irons i've hit to date

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