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Help with pull draw.

Don F

I have an inside out swing but I still tend to hit a pull draw off the toe of the club.  Please help>

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  1. Don O

    Love to hear some suggestions. 

    I need to get a video to make sure, but these are my mishits.  My current theory is I'm out of synch and I'm clearing my hips early and my line is moving inside to inside, and the club face is closing prior to releasing through the ball. 

  2. Ron M.

    A pull -draw is caused bye a closed club head on the target line and the swing path....your club head needs to be open on the target line and closed to the swing path....

  3. Spezza

    i have found i have this problem along with the full blown duck hook!......i play to a 7 handicap. i use a 10 finger grip......i found going to the driver and 3-wood while using a interlock grip helped with weaking my right hand to stop over turning. (right handed player) anybody else find a 10 finger grip causes your bottom hand to be to strong?

  4. Lou G

    If your swing is going inside out and you are hitting a pull draw, your feet are pointed too far left.  Normally when you set up for a draw, your foot path is pointed to right (if you are rh) and the clubface is closed on the swing line).

    Outside-in causes either a fade or snap-hook with the former being if the clubface is square to the target line and the latter if you don't shift weight properly and clubface is closed on the swing path.

    My mishit as of late (as in the past two months) has been a pull-hook. Between 2008 and early this year, my mishit generally was a push-fade or a block.  I've been fixing it by remembering to follow through on the target line and paying attention to not having an overly strong grip (which is what I had for a long time - so much so that my right hand almost laid flat).

  5. Fred C

    Don F

    I have an inside out swing but I still tend to hit a pull draw off the toe of the club.  Please help>

    If you are swinging from the inside and hitting it on the toe, it should shove out to the right first, then hook. It sounds to me that you are starting the downswing with your arms in an attempt to hit the ball too hard. You might try working on starting the downswing with your hips while maintaining eye contact with a finite spot on the back of the golf ball until it disappears at impact.    This will serve to improve your ball striking.

  6. Lou G

    Don F

    I have an inside out swing but I still tend to hit a pull draw off the toe of the club.  Please help>

    It used to be my mis-hit was a push fade (that was primarily caused by standing too close to the ball).  For the past two months my mishit has been a pull hook that flies low and just barely stays in the fairway on the left or I yank an iron and it ends up about 30 feet left of the pin.  When it happens it is because the right foot gets stuck on the downswing and you swing left ("hanging back").  Main cause is swinging too fast or too hard.   Slow down the timing and let the hips start the downswing and hit through the ball along the foot path.   Swinging left too soon also causes this.  With a fade you still come over the top but the clubface stays square to the target line but  open in relation to the swing path (outside in).

  7. Spencer B

    I found myself doing this because of coming over the top and swing outside in

  8. Brock M

    I have trouble with this from time to time, as well. I'm comfortable working the ball both ways, but my go to shot off the tee is a 4-6 yard draw. In a post above it was mentioned that your pull hook could be due to starting the downswing with your arms, making you come a bit over the top with a closed club face. I know, in my case, this is generally the cause for that type of mishit. To avoid this "double cross" type of move, try to keep your right elbow(right handed player) tucked as close to your body as possible through the downswing. This will help ensure that you plane stays underneath and inside of the line.

  9. Keano26

    Don, I had a similar problem about a month ago. I was hitting low, pulled hooks. Three things helped me..

    1. Check your grip

    2. At address, assess how your weight is distributed.

    3. Check your posture. Try not to be so hunched over the ball. I started to stand much straighter, sticking my butt out. 

    I had a reverse pivot, as my weight was too much on my left (front) foot at address, which had me immediately off balanced when I'd start my takeaway. I put more weight (60% or so) on my back foot and it fixed the problem immediately. I couldn't believe how much better I was striking the ball, and how well-balanced I was.

  10. Lou G

    Don F

    I have an inside out swing but I still tend to hit a pull draw off the toe of the club.  Please help>

    I fixed my swing about 2 months ago.   The main thing that was causing the snap hooks is an overly strong grip. I moved the ball forward in relation to my torso so I'm looking at it from behind.  I also stand far enough away from the ball so my swing path goes inside out slightly.  The final thing is swinging along the foot path at follow through and not swinging left.

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