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whats the best combination of wedges to purchase

robin a

what wedges in degrees should i use 

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  1. Ryan D

    it's really a preference whether you want to have 3 or 4 wedges.  if you have 3 wedges and assuming the pitching wedge is 46 degrees, you would probably want a 50 or 52 and a 56 or 58 to keep the yardage gaps close.  if you want 4, and again assuming your PW is 46, you could go with 50 or 52, 54 or 56 and a 60. 

    because i carry a driver, 3 wood, hyrbid, 3-PW, i only have 2 other wedges which are a 50 and 56.  it really all is about preference and what you want your yardage gap to be.

    you can go visit the vokey website to see guides on what wedges to have, grinds, and bounce.

  2. robin a

    whats the best gap wedge between pw and sw to buy  do you  think 

  3. Christian J

    I agree with Ryan, it's all about preference and how many clubs are already in the bag.  I use a 46* 52* 56* and a 60*.  I feel that this is the best setup for my game, and it works well for me.

  4. Ryan D

    robin, alot depends on your PW.  i have a 45 degree, and a 52 would be too big of a gap for my style of play so a 50 works great.  whereas christian prefers a 52 to properly gap to his 56 and 60.

    one thing to always remember with all clubs, dont let there be more the 6 degrees of a gap.  6 degrees is about 15 yards difference between clubs.  for me, this is most improtant with wedges for those 125 yds and in shots.

  5. eboos

    robin a

    whats the best gap wedge between pw and sw to buy  do you  think 

    My PW is a 47 degree AP2 and I since I like to carry 4 wedges, I also carry 3 Vokey SM4's a 52.08 GW, a 56.11 SW and a 60.04 LW.

    If you are also carrying a 56 degree sand wedge, then look into a 50 if you are using a 45 degree AP1 or similar PW, or a 52 if you have a 47 degree AP2 or similar.

  6. Ron M.

    I also use 46/52/56/60 for everything inside of 150yds....When you figure in your 1/2 and 3/4 swing alone with lower gripping, you should cover any distance with the 4 inside 150...

  7. Craig W

    I switch between 4 and 6 degree gaps

    47, 53, 59 if the 3 iron is in the bag

    47, 51, 55, and 59 when the 3 iron is out

    i bend a 52 degree a degree strong or weak to get there

    if i am playing a lot i carry a 3 iron and am more comfortable with 3/4 wedge shots

    if i am not playing, i would rather have smaller gaps with my wedges and have more full swings

    To each his own though.

  8. Nick P

    My vokeys: 50, a 54 bent to 55, and a 58 bent to 59.  I don't carry a fairway wood so have room for one more. I might add a 62 or 64 this year.

  9. Don O

    robin a

    whats the best gap wedge between pw and sw to buy  do you  think 

    My last iron set had a 44 degree PW.  So I went with 48-6/54-11/58-6 Vokeys.  Now I have a 45 AP1.  I don't mind the 6 degrees from 48 to 54, because I don't take a full swing with the SW under normal circumstances.  Will be going for gap analysis with the full set once winter subsides.  The PW and GW are pretty close, so depending on what I carry on the other end of the clubs, the GW could be tweaked to 49, I could get a 50, or replace both PW and GW with a Vokey 46.  You really shouldn't guess, it all depends on how you use your short clubs.   But you do want at least 4 degrees between wedges. 

  10. Skylar T

    PW, 52*, 58*

  11. Lou G

    AP1 PW (46*), SM4 52-12 and 60-10 bent 1* strong.  This is versatile, simple and no problem with gaps and does all I need it to do. Also approaches an "old school" setup (9 irons used to 45*, PW was 51-52* and SW around 57-59*)

    I used to carry SM c-c 50-08 (bent to 49) and 54-14.  I found out the 52-12 works just as well on the longer bunker shots as the 54-14 and I can open the face a little more; the distance diff between the 50 and the 52 is 5 yards on a full swing. I played them alongside each other for about the past 6 months and the 52 does all I need.

    My wedge game (which has been pretty strong since 2006) has been a science project.  The basic thing is the setup that does what you want.

    I started with PW 55 60 64 (this was an old school PW of ~50*) in 2006.  I changed the 55 and 60 for a Vokey 258-12  I changed my irons out and played set PW and GW.  Used this until 2009.  I got pretty proficient with the 58 but the short coming was long bunker shots.

    In 2009 I constructed some irons and played set PW and SW, Vokey SM2 60-07 and 64-07.  Got pretty adept at working the PW. The set SW actually outperformed quite a few major vendors.

    IN 2011 changed irons to Eye 2.  Added a Voley 54-11 (bent to 55) and found the SM c-c 50-08 worked better than the set PW around the greens.  Mid year changed the 60 and 64 for a SM c-c 62-07 because it did just as much as both put together.

    Briefly tried a 58-04 in early 2012, Worked great for high bunker shots but didn't get much use on the turf.  I actually was playing 5 wedges.  Traded the 58-04 and 62-07 for my current SM4 60-10.  The SM4 has been my greenside bunker weapon since last summer and I have made some great "ups" with it; it also stops the ball better than my 62.

    The 52-12



  12. Fred C

    Several years ago, I settled on 52 degree and 58 degree wedges to go with my 46 degree PW. I chose the 58 with 4 degree bounce because I can open it lot and make it act like a 60+ loft or, shut it down a bit and make it work like a 56 degree. It's worked well, FOR ME. You should try out different wedges to see what works best for YOU. Not only lofts, but bounce settings and flange widths.

  13. Manuel M

    Hey Robin,

    You really need to get out and test some wedges for your self to get the best feel and setup according to your style and needs. I play 52, 56, & 60 degree wedges not including my pitching wedge. You also work the wedge in a certain way to get different ball flight and trajectory out of it. I hope your taking in all the tips and planning your wedge setup. All the best. Team Titleist for Life.

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  14. Paul T

    I personally use Bob Vokey SM4 52*, 56*, & 60* wedges. I love em! They do really well around the green, in the rough, and on the beach.  

  15. david h

    Hi Robin, I like what Craig says, I also switch clubs around. I carry ap1 pw 46 and Vokey gw 50, sw 54 and lw58 but I have to drop my 3 hybrid 909 19 to carry 4 wedges. If I need the 3 hybrid I'll drop 1 wedge ussuallt the 58 but course will dictate, I have found this will cost me in strokes around green or wet heavy bunkers. I am currently looking at a new 4hybrid and 5 wood combo to not have to carry the 3 hybrid and keep the 4 wedges. Try them out and find your gaps and don't forget the bounce, I have an 11 on my 54 and an 8 on my 58 so I can open it up.


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