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High school tryouts

Spencer B


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  1. Spencer B

    This originally was supposed to say," I am trying out for my high school golf team. I regularly shoot in the 80's and the cut score is 86 or lower. I only started playing 10 months ago and had injuries make it more like 7 months. Is there any advice or tips that can help assure my spot on the team.

  2. eboos

    Keep playing, you are already doing great. If for some reason you don't make the team the first go around (by the look of things you should be fine), don't worry about it. There is always next year. I am a 37 yearold college senior, and I just started my first season playing for a division III team this year. I had only been playing for 14 months before I got on the team, but I didn't qualify for any tournaments this fall due to shoulder problem and a total game meltdown. I spent the rest of the fall getting my swing back. Now I am fired up for the spring.

    Keep your body healthy, and don't let the pressure get to you. Good luck.

  3. Spencer B

    Thanks, I like to think that I will be alright but you never know! I just need to limit the big numbers and eliminate 3 putss with a strong short game. My thought is that if i do not make it I have 12 months to come back and make varsity!

  4. Skylar T

    I know it sounds cliche, but don't worry about what your score is.  Take it one shot at a time.  Don't worry about the previous shots you hit no matter good or bad just stay in the moment.  

  5. josh w

    good luck with your try outs

  6. Cody W

    Don't try to hard too make birdies, and don't let the bogeys get to you.  Those 3 putts probably come from an overaggressive first putt (or at least that's where mine come from). Don't be afraid to just lag the first putt up to 2 feet.  Just remember it's high school golf and have fun and don't be stressed, you'll probably play better that way anyway.

  7. Manuel M


    Relax and enjoy all that the game has to offer. Embrace the shaky nerves and fear you might have. Just keep your mind on doing what you know you can do and you will be just fine. I know you can do it because their is no such thing as impossible (in my opinion). We all have goals and its up to us to pursue them if we really want them. I can assure you that if you remain confident in yourself and stay focused to the best of your ability then you will finish those rounds with satisfaction. Even if you dont make the team for some reason, do your best to stay around the team and gain experience. All the best. Go get it! Team Titleist for Life!!!

    Respectfully, Manny M.

  8. Rohit T

    My golf season for my school is in the fall, and I had only been playing golf for 4 months when I tried out, I made the team with a 81, 80, and 83, for only playing for 4 months. The only thing to focus on is not the big picture, but only on the shot in front of you. Hit lots of greens in reg, and try to hit every fairway, even if it means hitting irons or fairway woods off the tee

  9. Longhorn34


    You are on the right track.  My son played high school golf for 4 years and now plays college golf.  You are absolutely correct.  Avoid the high numbers and the three putts.  Practice smart.  Keep the ball in play, think your way around the course shot by shot, and SHORT GAME SHORT GAME SHORT GAME.  I love your outlook that you still have time to make varsity.  Stay positive and passionate.  

    Good luck!


  10. Steve H

    TT Spencer,

    You need to be the cold on the course.  If you birdie, good job, if you bogey or worse, move on.  Can't get mad, can't show you're happy you just need to be confident.  You'll make it happen....patience my Ladd, and above all, enjoy the ride!!

  11. Mike P.

    I felt the same way 2 years ago. Play a lot and maybe go into a couple of tournaments so you know how to preform under pressure when the big day comes. Either then that play smart, don't go for the "hero" shots and aim towards the center of the greens. Good Luck.

  12. Spencer B

    Made the team!

  13. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Congrats, Spencer! Have fun and enjoy the experience. 

    Best of luck out there.



  14. eboos

    Spencer B

    Made the team!

    Great job! Good luck out there.

  15. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Congratulations!!  Have fun this season!

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