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Swing Plane

Chip W

Alright I have noticed, thanks to a new app I got, that my swing plane on my back swing is low and flat.  On my down swing I get back on plane and strike the ball decent consistently.  I am a 12 handicap.  I have been working the past 3 weeks trying to fix this and have purchased "the perfect release" training aide to try to help.  Is this really a big deal that my swing plane is so off on the back swing?  Do you have any tips?  I have broke 80 already this year and trying to get to a 6-8 handicap on regular basis.




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  1. Brent W

    Although an on plane backswing is sought after, You don't hit the ball with it.

    I would be more concerned about impact position than anything else.

    Practice the short game and putting allot. You can work on getting it more on plane but don't stress over it.

    Good Luck this year..

  2. Connor I.

    Ok, try this simple drill. grip the club in the middle of the shaft just as you would if you were fixing to hit the ball, then start your backswing, and point the butt end of the grip more toward your toes. this will put your backswing coming more upright than flat. hope this helps........................Connor.

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