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On the range and on the course tips to fight my hook

Greg F

I've been hitting the ball well the past two months and very confident with my clubs, especially my driver. Last week I was on the range hitting everything solid then all of the sudden I kept hooking my driver low and left. 

I tried to fix it but couldn't. I played the following AM and without having that usual confidence I have with my driver, I did it with 5 holes then went to using 3 wood off the tee.

I know you can't see my swing but are they any drills you recommend to fight this? I think I'm not turning my body all the way through and it's just arms but what I don't understand is why can I hit everything else solid?

I know you are not supposed to try to change your swing mid round but are there any quick and easy swing thoughts or set up tips to prevent this.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Ron M.

    Greg, I'm not sure this will help...I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago and I found that I was moving my head toward the target  on the downswing....Causing my  shoulders to slide instead of rotating...This gave me a downward AOA and a bad wrist rotation causing the eye-level slider...Maybe this is the cause or not, have it checked and get that driver back in action aspa....Good luck

  2. Skylar T

    I often fight the hooks with my driver also and it is, in my opinion easy to fix.  My advice is to start your downswing by firing your hips.  If you clear your hips well you should not hit it left anymore.  Also make sure to slow yourself down because your probably just rushing your transition which is why your hips are not clearing well. 

  3. 19hole

    Sounds like you might be "casting" the club from the top of your backswing. This causes a few things to go wrong, but the low lefts are a pretty common result of this action. This is also referred to as coming over the top. Get your swing started with you legs, not your hands and this should fix itself. The other visuallization you could try is to image you are playing baseball and try to hit the ball to right field. This will encourage you to strike the ball from an inside path.

  4. Daniel H

    I did the same thing for years. This video and method really helped me. All you need is an alignment stick

  5. Greg F

    Thanks for all the tips. I have been working on these things for the past few days without much success. I can feel myself not firing my hips and not going inside/out

    Funny thing is that I can hit all my other clubs well and with confidence and gained an extra 10 yards from a month ago.

    If my driver doesn't work by tomorrow, it's staying out of the bag for my tournament this Saturday and hitting 3 wood or 5 wood off the tee.

    I'm playing fairly tough course in Temecula/Fallbrook called Pala Mesa and with a lot of holes that are narrow and white stakes on both sides of the fairway.


  6. scott a

    Love the right center field swing thought. I'm a hooker too. This cures it for me. Keeps me extended thru contact.

  7. Marc H

    Does the ball start off left and hook or start off right and hook back?  Those are very different swings, but the results is similar:  in the water and get out a new ProV.


    The angle of attack, club path, and club face matter.  There are a couple of combinations of these three parameters that will cause a hook.


    If the ball starts left and hooks, then the clubface is closed and the club path is closed in relation to the  You may be swinging left or right, can't tell.  If the ball starts right, then the clubface is to the right of the target and the path is inside ot that.


    In any case, with the driver, tee the ball forward, swing UP, and swing to the right of the target (about 10 degrees).


    Try to find a pro with a Trackman and check your swing path, clubface, and attack angle.  All else is futile guessing.

  8. Olivia S

    I had the hooks BAD  a week before State tournament! Always have the mindset that your hips will clear BEFORE your hands get to the ball. That will make sure you turn all the way through. Also, if you are using a really stong grip,try to weaken your grip a little bit (move right hand so you can see more of your fingernails instead of the top of your thumb. Thumb should be closer to the right side of your shaft if you weaken it, instead of on top.) I hope that I helped a lil!

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