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Pushing the ball...


This will be my second year golfing, and I shoot in the mid to high 80s (my putting is atrocious- over 35 putts per round), and I have been having issues standing square over the ball. I find that if I stand square over the ball, I push it right. If I open my stance up and aim 5 to 10 years left, I hit it straight. I hit over 100 balls yesterday and still was pushing the ball about 15 yards right when I stood square and aimed straight ahead. When I shape a draw, I am in good shape because the ball starts right but curves down the middle, but on 8-PW shots, I am constantly pushing the ball. How could this be?

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  1. James f

    make sure you turn your hips. i find on my swings when i dont focus and make sure i get a good hip turn, i push it way right. granted some shots go right anyways....not nearly as bad when i make a good solid hip turn. Im no instructor but give it a try and see if it helps.

    also.. dont hit so many balls if you can help it. before long you'll get too tired. you shoot in the 80's so keep it to about 80 balls.

  2. eboos

    Is your ball too far back in your stance? You may be catching it early in your swing arc and the club may not be hitting it square even if it is square relative to your swing arc.

  3. Tom S.

    Hey Keano, Try putting the ball back a little in your stance.Worked for me..Good Luck.

  4. Cole R

    Go out and purchase some alignment sticks at a local golf shop for $15. Then just go to the range and practice, practice, and practice some more. The alignment sticks will really help you, they give you a visual idea of where you are "actually" aiming so your just not "guessing". 

    If you dont want to spend any money, you can put a few of your irons on the ground, but if you have nice irons, i would recommend just getting some cheap alignment sticks, you can even purchase some at like home depot of lowes or something.

    Hope that helps!!!!

  5. Connor I.

    Well first you need to know what causes a push to the right. Pushes occur when you slide too hard with your lower body on the downswing causing the club to drop behind you making your club head path too much from the inside. The best drill for this is to just take a narrow stance, about a foot wide and make your normal swing. With a narrow stance, you won't be able to slide that much without falling over. Hope this helps.

  6. Skylar T

    Make sure you square your shoulders.

  7. Keano26

    Skylar, I think you're right. I will know when I hit tomorrow if my shoulders were off alignment. Sometimes during my downswing, I dip my right shoulder. But when I keep my shoulders square at contact, I can really dig the club into the ground and make great contact. I'll try it out. Thanks to all, I will look into all of your ideas.

  8. Steven B

    An alignment stick is good for practice, always use one. Try it on the putting green as well.

    After you get comfortable remove the stick from the green. Try a straight back, straight through putting stroke leaving the blade of the putter open after contact. After hitting straight puts put speed into the equation. Speed = Break.

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