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The low ball.

James f

Ive been trying to hit stingers and low balls now on the range. I know you're not going to hit them nearly as far as a normal shot but i was wondering if anyone had any tips to getting a little more distance out of a stinger.

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  1. Ron M.

    I play a stinger shot with my club pointing at the target after impact...I try to slow down my backswing and speed up my down to genarate more speed through impact to give a little more distance...Same as I do with driver...I aprouch a stinger with alot of caution just because the shot demands it...It's not a shot we take that often...good luck

  2. Skylar T

    If you hit a stinger correctly you will probably hit it just as far if not farther than your stock shot. My favorite club to play a stinger with is my 3 wood and I try to play the ball back in my stance and lead my swing with my hands.  Also try to really stay stacked over the ball throughout your swing and try to cover the ball at impact.  Hope this helps.

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