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Gabe B Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Hey all,


I am considering changing from the overlap grip to the interlocking grip to try and help fight my normal miss of a hook. I tried last season to use mid size grips but the never did feel really comfortable. I would like to go back to regular size grips and change to the interlock if that would help the fight the hooks.





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  1. Cameron H

    Another thing you could try to deminish the hook is watch your feet at setup. Open your stance a little bit more so that the face comes around a little more square rather than closed. HOpe you can break the hooking habit and that this may help.
  2. Keano26

    I began using the interlock grip (instead of baseball grip) last year and had instant success. My ball flight was higher and straighter. While on the range recently, I tried the overlap grip, but I felt like my right hand was going to fly off the club when I swung. I don't know what your swing looks like, but when I fight the hooks, I check my setup and my grip before I swing. During my swing, I check to make sure I'm not coming from the inside too much or releasing the club too soon or too drastically. Lastly, check to see if your weight isn't too far on your front foot (reverse pivot). The issue can be none of the aforementioned, but like I said, usually I am able to figure out what I'm doing wrong by assessing those things. I actually began hitting a hard fade, borderline slice this past week. Went to the range and blatantly released the club and exaggerated an inside out swing and was able to then straighten my ball flight. Doing this can also help you find the happy medium.

  3. Mike C

    A couple of weeks ago, I was having trouble with drawing the ball too much with my irons.  Tried changing all sorts of things to see if I could fix the issue to no avail (and a lot of frustration).  Spent a little time with my club's PGA Professional and within a few minutes he had diagnosed and fixed the problem.  Slight tweak to loosen my grip and, presto, the balls were going straight again.  My grip had slowly gotten stronger and stronger until it became an issue.

    I am not saying this is the fix for your problem; rather, I am recommending going to a reputable teaching PGA professional to have them evaluate your swing, your ball flight issues and propose a fix.  If your car is broken, you take it to a professional mechanic.  Same deal with your swing, take it to a professional.

  4. matt k

    Hey Gabe,

    I don't think you will see too much of a difference going from an overlap to an interlocking grip because the palms and fingers are essentially in the same position.  You are basically only moving your left pointer finger off the grip and into the groove of your pinky finger on your right hand. This may help, however I suggest that you check your overall grip.  Make sure you have a slight bow in that left wrist (assuming you are right handed), and that your right hand is neutral (not weak or strong) and you have that V that is formed between your right thumb and right pointer finger running directly down the grip.  Hooking the ball generally means that your right hand is too strong and is rolled underneath the grip.  You may also want to move the grip into your palm more and out of your fingers if you are still hooking it.  Try to take that right hand out of the equation and make it more of a guide than a controller of the club. 

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