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Reverse Spine Tilt

Jason Edwards

I just wanted to share something with the group. I have been using the titleist app to video my swing as of late and have noticed that my upper body starts leaning towards the target about half way through my back swing. I have tried every drill and have had some success but continue to dot this and hit thin shots. WARNING!!!!! when practicing down the line with mirrors DO NOT and I say DO NOT watch your arms and club with your eyes. This causes your head and in turn your whole upper body to move up and towards the target, a huge NO NO. I could not figure out why this would not go away and have recently realized that when I was practicing in front of a mirror I would look at my arms, club and hands as they were going back and the realized that my upper body was leaning towards the target. So, if you are going to practice in front of a mirror take your whole back swing with your eyes fixed on a target on the ground and then check your positions. I hope this helps others out there that might be struggling with a reverse pivot.

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  1. Frank C

    Thanks this is helpful

  2. Lou G

    Keep your eye on the ball during the backswing and through contact WORKS. The moment you look at your arms on the backswing, you come over the top on the downswing.

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