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Putter Grip Size

Olivia S

Recently I borrowed a putter with a grip that about took up my whole hand. I currently use a much smaller one. Any opinion on accuracy of either or which one I should use?

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  1. Teron B

    i use a mid sized putter grip.  the bigger grips help to keep you from getting too "wristy" with your stroke. the rest is just a matter of personal feel.


  2. Francisco B

    agreed i switch putt and i like smaller to mid size so i can grip it comfortably 

  3. Patrick M

    I also us an oversized grip...... I know that when you have a big grip on your putter their is less of a chance that you will pull the ball to the left and it will keep your hands going

  4. Tom B

    I have a Scotty Cameron Red X, mallet from probably 6 or 7 years ago.  It has been very good to me, but I liked the grip on the new Del Mar and some other, the "pistolero" grip.  It's normal size through most but increases at the top.  It's said that Scotty got the inspiration from being at the hardware store and seeing an axe handle.  However, I think this grip is the best of both worlds the wider top gives me a good feel and does what the larger grips had in mind.   While not native to the Red X, I don't think Scotty would mind

  5. Tim Tiger

    I play the Superstroke 3.0 SLIM.  It really helps quite my hands and helps with confidence. 


  6. Ron M.

    I use the Winn oversize grip and it has helped me stabilize my stroke and give me 1 less thing to worry about (Now more pulling or pushing) .  It's all about feel and confidence and this grip deliver's...

  7. Olivia S

    Thanks, i agree too. Whatever your used to? Mine is fairly thin right now and I plan on keeping it that way i guess!

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