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Austin S

What are some drills to make practice more meaningful? More specifically putting and short game

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  1. Grier S

    I usually practice putting with 4 tees in a clock arrangement at 5 ft from the hole and you have to go around the circle 2 times. Then throw your 4 balls to random areas and chip into the same circle. Hope this helps!

  2. David L

    One drill I do is to take four balls and chip from about 30 feet from the hole. I then take my putter and try to make each of the putts after the chip. I figure if you can do that you should be able to save par. I also take five or six balls and practice putting from about five feet from the hole. I make sure it's a straight putt so I can aim at the center of the hole to make sure I don't push or pull the putt.

  3. James G

    A great drill for short game is to drop a towel on the green 2 steps on to a middle of practice green flag. You can then practice pitching, bump and running, chipping to that towel as your landing target as you would in game situation landing it just on the green to roll out to flag.

    Using different clubs (SW, PW, LW) and from 8 yds, 16 yds, 24 yds you can get a feel for how each club reacts when coming in high, med and low, landing and stopping and what to do to get it on that line to land it on the green.

    The 8 yard one is really important as Dave Pelz always says you need a 14 yard shot since that is where many shots miss a green by to the flag. A shot that carries 8 yards onto the green (2 STEPS) and releases 6 yards is a money maker.

    Has been a great drill for me and helps me shoot low scores with confidence.

    Hope this is of some value :)

  4. Curtis M

    Kind of like the previous 2 said.  But what I do is take 5-10 balls, throw them everywhere around the green.  Bunkers, rough, fringe, etc...   Play each ball as a par 2 and tally up your score.   Try to keep improving your score.  Keep changing up the shots.  Anyone can hit the same shot 20 times in a row and eventually have that shot down to a science.  

  5. Nick F

    These are great drills. I am heading out to practice my short game today and I will give both of these a try. Thanks!!

  6. Austin S

    I usually putt around the "clock" and practice up-and-down drills with my wedges and putter.  I kind of meant any games to help practice short game?

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