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How to hit a super cut around a tree with an 9 iron 30 yards!!!!!!!!!

Padraic S

I can hit the biggest hook ever. Not to be bragging but I can hook it really well around trees. It looks like bubba hooking around a tree about a 25 yard with a 9 iron. i have done that two times in a tournament. I can hit the ball straight most of the time but i can't hit a super cut. Everybody would just tell me to punch out into the fairway and make bogey, but that isn't m. I can't afford to make bogey. I am not a bogey or birdie machine. i just par a lot. I don't make a lot of eagles or a lot of big numbers, but i would like to know how to get out of a nasty position with just a par. I need some tips for this summer PLEASE HELP!!!!

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  1. eboos

    I am a straight/draw player who can also hook when needed. Like you, I don't hit many cuts. I've practiced them before by trying to keep the clubface open through impact. I can not seem to get accustomed to weakening my grip, that just doesn't work for me. Try placing the ball a little more forward in your stance, keep the face open and swing to the inside.

  2. Victor L

    I just did this with a 6i about 100 yard from behind trees with low hanging branches, and like you I have no problem with hooking a low liner to get out of trouble. So what I did was set up like I was going to hit a fade, but placed the ball much further back on my stance to ensure my clubface doesn't close. Put a half swing on it with a low finish and left myself an easy lob wedge in from the middle of the fairway.

  3. matt k

    Really, you're never going to be able to cut the ball as much as a hook with a club with any sort of loft on it.  It's impossible to put the same amount of spin on it going the other way.  Plus you can trap with your right hand and come from the inside more than you can cut across a ball which also puts more backspin as it adds side spin.  Work on that short game, sometimes you just gotta pitch out, stick it close and make the par putt.  Until then, stay out of the right rough. :)

  4. Paxton C

    You need to determine how much of a cut you want to hit first. Where you need it to start, etc. etc. Second, hitting a "super cut" is all path/face ratio. If you want to hit a pull cut or a push cut. I wouldn't recommend hitting a push cut unless you absolutely need to. But the farther the face is open, and the path is to the left, is how much that ball will cut. And just vice versa for the push cut. I recommend practicing on the range, and do some research on the d plane. BEST OF LUCK!!! SUPER CUT IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Deno

    I would take Bubba's route and hit plastic balls, then take the result to the practice tee.   Super hand action though at 30 yards for sure.

  6. Jack

    What I do:

    1.Open my stance

    2. Open the clubface slightly.

    3. Take the Club way to the outside.

    4. I do not let the clubface turn over on my follow through.

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