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Alignment Sticks

Christopher W

After going this past month and getting fitted for AP1 irons, 913 Woods, Vokey wedges and the Newport Select 2 putter I've decided this year will be the year I get back on the course.! I recently purchased a set of off brand alignment sticks (since Titleist sticks are so hard to come by) to work on my swing on the range.  I played a lot of golf for about 6 years and have taken the past 6 years off due to the "family life."  My goal is to correct my natural fade I've had in the past and to get my handicap down to a 9 this summer.  Is there any advice you could give to someone who is new to the alignment sticks and working with them on the range to better their swing.  I hit a long ball probably due to my strength and youth but if its not straight the advantage I hold is useless if I can't correct it. Any help would be great! 



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  1. Christian J

    I use my alignment sticks all of the time!  This winter, I was forced to work in my room, so I would do 100 swings a day. (Hank Haney drill)  It has helped a ton.  My swing is much more consistent, and I strike the ball much better than I ever have.  The rods a really helpful though for setup, and taking the club away.  Good luck with your goals this summer! 

  2. Sean B

    I use my alignment sticks a ton. Everyone makes a couple poor swings during a round. Most of my issues stem from alginment. I use one for foot alignment and the other to define swing path. If I am haveing trouble with contact I put them a iron head apart and make sure I am not hitting them.

    One big thing that helps me is using the two sticks for shaping shots. Place one stick in front of the ball about 12" pointing to the target. Then use the other to address foot alignment / swing path. You could possibly use that drill to address swing path to promote the in to out swing path to get right to left spin. 

  3. Tom E

    I swear by my alignment rods.  For ball striking, they assist in alignment/stance, ball position and swing path.  For scoring clubs, I point the rod at the 150 and the 100 yard signs along with the 50 yard flag and take dead aim.  It has improved my focus on my second shot into par 4s.  With putting, I use one rod for setup and place the other rod two feet past the hole, my goal is to obviously make the putt, but if I ran it by I didn't want to leave a second putt.  The rods help, but work with your PGA Professional to get your alignment, stance, and swing path adjusted to fix your fade then use the rods as a reminder to keep everything consistent with what was instructed.

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