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Launching too high in 2013

Kevin G

In 2012 I was an 8 or 9 handicap towards the mid to late summer after I was fitted and received my ap2 kbs tour x-stiff irons. Because of the winter months I had to put the clubs in the corner for 5 months or so and I have lost my golf game. I've played at least 3 dozens times in 2013 and struggle to break 90 when I was a mid to high 70 guy last season. The main reason is my irons are super high this year. I went from hitting a 7 iron 175 to this year it ballooning and dropping at 150-155. It's frustrating. I've tried ball placement to knock down shots but full swings the ball almost disappears in the sky, someone please help.

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  1. Don O

    All ears.  Same issue.

  2. Tim S

    when I used kbs tour shafts, the exact same thing happened.....I now play px and I have a much better ball flight.

  3. Kevin G

    Tim S

    when I used kbs tour shafts, the exact same thing happened.....I now play px and I have a much better ball flight.

    the thing that I don't understand is that I didn't do this last year when I upgraded irons with the kbs tours in them. I actually feel more comfortable with me golf swing and ball striking this season but my distances are way off. I may consider a switch to c taper shafts for lower trajectory.

  4. Keano26

    Kevin, yes, my friend had been using the KBS shafts and couldn't stand the trajectory he was getting on his ball. I have the stock Dynalite XP shafts on my AP1s, and I also get a very high trajectory..But I like my high ball flight. It's just right. Doesn't balloon out on me.

  5. Kevin G

    I have made the switch to c tapers in my irons. Lets see if my distances go back up to the 20 yards I lost from last season. The shafts arrive today and I will put them in and be on the course tomorrow. Updates to come

  6. Kevin G

    Played my first round a couple days ago with my new c tapers. Still hitting it higher than desired but I've gained one of the two club lengths I lost back which I can live with. My ball striking this year has greatly improved and my 5 yard cut shot is consistent. Shot my 3rd best round of 2013, 81 on the first day with the new shafts. For not knowing distances I'm pretty happy with that. Still hurts my ego to pull a 7 iron on a 165 yard shot when last year it was and 8. But I'll get over it.

  7. Tim S

    I just hit the new PX 95 shaft I ever played.....gained almost 2 club lengths

  8. russ m

    It's a mechanical issue you are having. 5 months without playing is a long time and the shafts did not change their dynamics. Obviously you are doing something different and I'd spend timing tweaking my turn and weight transfer before I'd spend any more money chasing yardage with equipment changes or modifications.

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