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Hybrid Trajectory

Ron G

I am having a hard time hitting my hybrids high. I have a 21* 910H and a 17* 910H. When I first bought them in late 2011 I loved them. I got rid of my fairway woods and was happy. I made some swing changes last year. I found out I had what may have been the worlds weakest left hand grip and had to flip my hands at the bottom of my swing to square the face. I now have a neutral to slightly strong grip. I tend to hit low hooks with my hybrids now. I've dialed up the loft and that helps a little but I'm really having trouble with hitting the ball higher than about  10-15 feet. I don't do too bad if I'm teeing up but off the fairway it is killing me. I've gone from a 9.5 to 11.5 with the swing changes but it is coming around now. I have a problem taking my hands out now with the stronger grip and will still close my face at the ball and hit the ball left with my irons and hybrids. I would appreciate any tips.



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  1. eboos

    This may seem dumb, but I noticed my hybrid at address may look square, but is actually closed. While at address, square up the bottom of the club, not the top.

    With the problem affecting your irons too, take a look at your divots. Are they toe first, or un-level? If so, you may be standing up too tall, and even with a good swing path, the closed face will be ripping hooks. I have a tendency to hit hooks that otherwise have a good flight. I am working on making sure that my address isn't too upright and that I am following through on the target line a little longer, not shutting the face too quickly.


  2. Quintin H

    In the swing, there are things that have to match in order for your body to bring the club back to the ball with the face pointing in the correct direction.

    How far your hips are turned at impact is basically an indicator of how much power you put on the ball, the more they are turned the more power you will get with your swing, to get more power learn to get your hips turned farther at impact.

    Direction, your grip, your shoulder turn, and your swing plane need to match to in order to bring the clubface back pointing in the right direction.

    A weak grip needs less shoulder turn at impact(your chest pointing slightly past the ball) with a more vertical swing plane. With a weak grip if you flatten the swing or turn the shoulders too far you will slice.

    A strong grip requires more shoulder turn(chest pointing at the target) and a flatter swing plane, if you have a more vertical swing or don't turn your shoulders far enough then you will hook.

    Just a guess, I would say that with the weak grip, because flipping helped, you probably turned your shoulders a little too far.

    I would suggest you try keeping your swing plane and shoulder turn the same and try weakening your grip slightly, the correct grip should be somewhere between what it was and what it is now.

    When you find the combination that works for you STICK WITH IT, you will only get better,

  3. Jerry R

    All good tips and I have one to add.  Your last sentence tells me a lot.  Try not thinking about the hands as you swing, I sense that your hands are too active at impact.  Keep the same grip you are using and let the rotation of the turn and natural arm rotation complete your swing.  Don't manipulate the hands going back, just let it happen on the downswing!

    Good luck and let us know how you came out.

  4. Keano26

    Ron, your grip may be too strong, and check how far you are standing from the ball. I had a tendency to hit low hooks earlier in the year, but found out that the aforementioned were my issues. Tough to give you a definite answer not seeing your swing.

  5. Ron G

    I had a chance to hit a small bucket today and tried to line up the face lines instead of the top edge. The trajectory came back just like that. I suppose with the stronger grip and with the slightly hooded club face it would have been very hard to hit the ball high.

    I'll get a chance in the next day or two to practice some more. Thanks to everyone else and their suggestions too. I will consider them all.


  6. Fred C

    Those were all good ideas. Typically, when things go wrong, it's usually something simple in your set up. Always check your ball position, alignment and that you're measured the correct distance from the ball. As for your "stronger" grip, when you consider that the club works into your thumb at the top, your clubface will be closed, with your grip turned to the right. Also, using a strong gripp, if you grip the club and have a friend hook their finger around the hosel and pull, your club face will close. Given all of this, you may want to consider a proper, neutral grip and learn to work the ball a little.

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