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Swing Becoming Too Steep


Over the past month, my golf game and ball striking has been the best it has ever been. My scores have dropped consistently into the low 80s, but over the past few days, I've been realizing that my swing has become way too steep with my 4-6 irons. I have been taking very large, deep divots with my wedges through 7 iron, which are resulting in outstanding straight, high trajectory shots, but with my 6-4 irons, I'm hitting the ball towards the heel and above the sweet spot of the club. The ball marks have consistently been towards the top of my club face. Maybe three or so grooved from the top line. After hitting these long irons the best I ever had, I'm starting to wonder why I am getting too steep. There is almost no trajectory on my long irons now, and they're not quite going where I'm aiming. Any tips/ideas?

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  1. Skylar T

    Just don't let your head drop down.

  2. Lou G

    About 90 percent of swing faults are caused by standing too close to the ball.

  3. Lou G

    Standing too close to the ball is the root of most swing faults.  You come over the top or take too steep of a swing to avoid a shank..Key giveaway is a heel hit.

  4. Keano26

    Lou, it's not standing too close to the ball. I fixed that issue earlier in the season. As aforementioned, from the beginning of June until a few days ago, I played my best golf, and I attributed that to standing further from the ball. I was shanking everything before that. I hit every club in my bag outstandingly. I had all the confidence in the world hitting my 4 iron because I hit it crisp every time. Now with my 4 thru 6 irons, my divots are so steep. I'm striking the ball so steep that the ball is hitting the clubface in the center, but way too high. Maybe 2 grooves from the top of the club. At the same time, the course I've been playing has been extremely dry over the past week or so because we've had temps in the high 80s-90s, and the ground is like a rock. Maybe that has something to do with it? I don't know.

  5. Jeff P

    Can you get a video taken of your swing with a digital camera? Perhaps one that allows you to review the video while on the range—that way you can make immediate adjustments based on the actual video feedback.

    Regarding whether you are too close or too far is a matter of where your natural swing plane drops when you swing with the correct posture and stance. Again video is very helpful here.

    You should also pay close attention to how tight your right elbow is in relationship to your right side. You'll notice that the best ball strikers on tour keep there elbow very tight to their body. A few years back at the Deutsche Bank I was watching VJ practice with a towel tucked under his right arm pit, a drill he uses to keep the right elbow in line with his right side.

    If this doesn't help, I'd seek the guidance of your local PGA Pro, they can take most of the guesswork out and provide useful drills to help reinforce correct posture and swing plan (and any other issues that they may detect). 


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