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My Major is Coming up


This weekend is my club's "Major" event.  There's a club championship, but the three day member guest is the one everyone talks about.  It's a two man best ball in 9 hole matches.  It's 18 on Friday, 27 Saturday, and 18 Sunday.  There's also festivities each night.  I don't really expect to win because my game hasn't been great, and with working/traveling so much, I haven't really had time to practice.  My question to all the fellow TTers is, what would you do to prepare?  I've never played in anything big like this and I really want to play well.  I'll be practicing my short game as much as possible this week, but what else do you suggest spending some time on?  Any tips would be much appreciated.

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  1. 19hole


    Your short game work is a GREAT place to start. Having a solid short game will take some of the pressure off your approach and putting game. I would also work on the 5-10 foot putts. Having confidence there will make the rest of the game a bit easier. If you can get up and down and save a few pars with the wedges and putter you will have a lot more confidence swinging the rest of the clubs.

    With a 27 hole day, I would also go for a shorter, more focused warm up session. You want to have plenty in the tank for those last 9 holes. Drink a lot of water, staying hydrated will make a big difference in your energy levels for that last match.

    Best of Luck!

  2. AJAR

    Great advice there 19hole. I tend to do too much practice before my tournament rounds and end up with tired feet by the 15th hole. I know that it's better practice not to work on your swing before the round but more establishing the tempo and taking note of one's ball flight tendency for the day.

  3. ToddL

    Josh - One suggestion on that many matches and holes...Bad holes are going to happen.   Don't carry them forward.  Once you have holed in, or conceded the hole, move on.  

    Most importantly, with the high heat and humidity, be sure to keep your fluids up.  Bringing some snacks is a necessity...

    Good luck and play well! 


  4. Gabe B


    Work hard on your short game and putting. Then use what time you can to figure out what your swing is producing as far as ball flight for those couple of days and play it. The most important thing is to monitor your expectations and have fun at the event. Enjoy the festivities each day as you club professionals are very stressed during that week to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Winning these types of events is fun but the important part of this is to have fun with your fellow members and their guests and enjoy the days. Also make sure to thank the golf professionals for their hard work that week.

  5. Hotsauce

    Thanks everyone for the great advise.  I'm really looking forward to it!  Having fun will not be a problem.  I'll be practicing my short game and hoping for some good solid rounds.  I've got a practice round Thursday then the fun starts Friday.  I can't wait!

  6. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Some good advice so far. I would just add some mental game preparation and remember to have fun.

    Good luck this weekend and keep us posted.

    - Mike

  7. memphisunited

    Solid advice as always from 19hole.  I would focus on chipping and putting.  Saving par can go a long way in those tournaments.

  8. Hotsauce

    Thanks Mike. For my practice round I'm going to hit some shots from the whites too. I normally play blues, but I heard the tees will be blended. I know the course pretty well, but want to give myself some of the looks I might see in the tournament. 

    My colleague is my guest and we couldn't stop talking about it at work. I even rocked my FJ professionals today

  9. Tim Tiger

    Good Luck Josh.  Hit it close and keep that NAPA rolling.  If you just go ahead and hit every green, you won't have to chip.

    Relax and have fun buddy.  If all else fails, get you a Tiger special from the bar.


  10. Christian G

    Best of luck Josh.  Be sure to update us after the weekend.  

  11. Hotsauce

    Well last weekend was a smashing success.  The format was 2 man best ball.  My partner and I were on opposite patterns which really helped us.  When he played poorly I stepped it up and vice versa.  We went 12-6, 12-6 the first day.  On Saturday we went 9-9,11-7,10-8.  I only had 13 putts in our second match.  The Napa was on fire!

    On Sunday we went 6-12 (only loss of the week) and 10-8.  We ended up winning our flight by 1 point and took 3rd overall.  I even made a birdie live in our birdie pool to pay for my weekend!  Most importantly I had a blast and got to meet a ton of members I'd never met before.  My guest had a great time too.  

    Thank all of you for the advise.  I definitely felt the pressure on Sunday knowing we were in the lead.  Our first match Sunday we got a little ahead or ourselves, but then we calmed down and just took it shot by shot.  I'll be playing in a couple more tournaments but I'm so glad my FootJoy stuff kept me dry, and that my ProV's and my Napa behaved in this one.

    The Hotsauce name caught on here too.  Someone brought me a pepper necklace.  Good times...

  12. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Congrats! Nicely done, Hotsauce.

  13. Tim Tiger

    Nice job Gianthotsauce.  Good to know the Napa was key in the victories.


  14. Christian G

    Nice work.  That had to be fun.  Any chance you will change your screen name to JoshSauce?

  15. Hotsauce

    Christian G

    Nice work.  That had to be fun.  Any chance you will change your screen name to JoshSauce?

    lol that would be more creative than Josh G. I don't think you can change screen names but that would be cool. 

    Tim T, when are you gonna pull the trigger on a napa or your own?

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