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Pulling my drive

Curtis M

So I just recently bought a 913d2 rip phenom 70 shaft.  I'm still playing around with the adjustments, but I am pulling the ball off the tee way more than I normally do.   I don't know if it's just my swing, or trying to get use to the new club and finding a setting for me.    I know I need to just go out and hit it, but any suggestions??

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  1. matt k

    Hey Curtis,

    What was your previous driver?  You may or may not have noticed that different brands and models of drivers set up differently.  I've always thought that most TM drivers set up a bit closed, while some other brands set up with the toe a bit open.  It may just be that you are getting used to your new stick (I always preferred Titleist because I thought that their drivers always set up the squarest). I'm assuming that your mainly pulling only your driver and not your other clubs.  I would recommend that you set it standard setting A1 and then with the help of a friend or alignment sticks, make sure you got that face squared away at address. 

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