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Anyone else only slice long irons?

Kevin G

I am dead accurate with my short irons/wedges 7-pw, but anytime I take the same swing with 6-4 irons I borderline slice the ball. Anyone else have this problem? I have to literally take a big hook swing to hit those irons straight. Any suggestions? Maybe even look into having those irons set upright a little bit? I am a 7 handicap trending towards lowering it and play 712 Ap2 kbs ctaper x-stiff 4-pw.

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  1. Keith M

    Yes.  Similar to you, as I move up my bag, I hit less and less of a draw to the point where my 3 and 4 irons generally have a bit of a fade.  The irony is that with my 3 wood, hybrid, and driver on my mishits, tend to be snap hooks.

    My handicap isn't as low as yours and I recently went through a series of lessons.  My instructor had me working on keeping the club a bit more vertical (I tend to lay it off at the top), and start my wrist break a little earlier in the backswing.  This helped me to get around in time, otherwise I tended to be late and leaving the face slightly open.

    Hopefully, this helps you, and take it for what it's worth, but a lesson or two may help.  A swing adjustment, even if very minor, may be all it takes to straighten out the long irons. 

  2. Ron M.

    I had this problem and solved it with a tempo drill....I think that most will swing harder with long irons trying to get ball up and achieve distance...Take your 8 and 4 to the range and alternate swings until your tempo is the same....Do the same with a 9 and 5 and then a pw and 6...With the longer irons its harder to feel the club head weight so tempo should be apparent. good luck

  3. Nick D

    Most golfers use the same tempo with long clubs and shorter clubs the longer club you use you should always slow down your tempo without slowing down you tempo it can cause fast back and that takes all rythem out of it. On long irons you want good rythem because there harder to hit

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