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(Lack of)Confidence and/or game?


Hey all,

I hate the use the term "used to be", but I must here.....

In late HS/early college 2003-07, I used to be a scratch - 1hdcp.  Went for a couple US Opens, made 1 sectional in 06 at Canoe Brook in Summit, NJ.  That was the most amazing day in my "career" to date.  Pulling in, playing against the likes of Mark O'Mera, JJ Henry, Tom Pernice Jr, ..... Played with Billy Andrade!!!  I shot 1 under for 36 holes that day, and missed the open by 3 shots.  Being treated like a pro was a sweet deal for a day!  

There is where it all seemed to go downhill so to say.   In 07, I shot an 83 at my local qualifier, 08(graduated college) had to BEG to get in since I was more that 10 over the prior year, and then shot 87........   Never made it passed a Local AM or Pub Links Qual or anything in the 5 years I tried, and only played 2 years in college(coach and I disagreed on where I played while I was clear #1 at that time)  That was a possible factor in my decline.

Last year(2012), I joined 2 clubs in hope of turning it around.  It was going well for a bit, had my hdcp down to a solid 3.  This year started off fairly well.  Won 2 club tourney's, and was still around 3-4.  then something simply went amiss.  I rattled off some 90's and mid 80's.  Only have had 1 sub 80(75) in the last 15 rounds.  I am not sure if I have rattled my confidence, or something is wrong in the swing.  I had the local pro(who has 2, 2nd place PGA Tour finishes) look, and thinks everything is fine mechanically.  Something is amiss in the old head.  What can I do to pull my head out of you-know-where, and gain the confidence back to go at it?

I realllllly know I have what it takes, just am clueless how to get THAT back.  It has been very trivial and trying on me.  I have simply lost the love for the game, and it is disheartening.  I know if I could take a few months and just golf, I could get a lower level tour game together.  But as of now, just lost.   Thanks for those that read, and the insight that I may be able to gain from all of this!


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  1. Dallin H

    Sorry to hear that your game isn't what it used to be.  I took psychology in college and my instructor was a sports psychologist.  You might try and talk to a sports psychologist since it seems that it isn't a physical issue with your swing.  Anyways, this is just my 2 cents.  I hope you can get it back on track.

  2. Nate S

    I think it might be a lack of confidence because obviously even through mechanical problems, great players who keep their confidence can keep it going.  Im a 2 handicap but I'm 15 so I can't be of much help except in the area of your mental game.  If you haven't already, you need to read Bob Rotella's "the unstoppable golfer" its the greatest book ive ever read and took me from a 10 to a 2 in 3 months no joke.  Its all about building mental confidence. Try that and you have to have a lax attitude when you play.  If you hit a bad shot, who cares? Go up to the next shot and hit it better. 

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