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Help with learning to shape shots and trusting the ability to pull them off.

george t

Before I get in to my question, I've had a few lessons that helped alot with fundamentals, but I'm largely self taught. So I'm open to constructive criticism about what I'm doing.

As a high single digit, I know I should still just concentrate on making solid swings. But in trying to develop "go to" shots, I'm working on a couple of things. For starters, I've been a guy who plays the lawn dart kind of game of flying a high ball to a yardage with little roll out. But in colder, windier conditions, this doesn't always work out.

So the first shot I'm attempting is a knock down draw with longer irons, where I take the club back inside and attempt to swing in to out, concentrating on hitting down on the ball. I'm not trying to hammer the ball, more like a smooth attempt at having the ball land short 15 or so yards short of a normal swing and rolling out due to the right to left flight.

The second shot, I take the club straight, maybe a little outside, back, turn my upper body and then come back through the ball. Stack and tilt? This seems to result in a high flighted shot, that starts a little right of my alignment and then fades more left to right, landing softly. While the fade is gentle, maybe 5 yards, where I'm aligned and where the ball starts is maybe 10 yards right of target.

In practice, these concepts seem to repeat, but I've been hesitant to embrace them in to my game. For you guys that can really hit the shot you need, when did you start to trust them? I'm still working on this, and while I'll never be more than a men's club competitor, I'd like to take my meager game as far as my skills will allow.


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  1. Clinton M

    practice at a driving range.

  2. Allen L

    Ease the shots into your game.  If you have them figured out in practice, put them to use.  Pick out a hole or a situation where a fade or draw would be of benefit and use the shot.  Heck, if you have learned how to hit the shots already, that's the hard part completed.  You'll gain confidence with them over time.  I put a little draw on all 3 and 4 iron shots to get a little better roll out if that is to my advantage.  Occaisionally, I'll put a tail on the 5 and 6 irons.  Short irons I hit as straight as possible.  Driver and Fairway woods, prefer to keep straight but if I'm playing a dogleg, or it is windy, I'll hit whatever is needed.  From personal experience I'd suggest being conservative with these shots, for a while I was trying to shape every shot just right and it was just too much to think about.

    Here's a couple of my favorite video tips from over on the TPI site:

    Have fun ...

  3. Dallin H


    Thanks for sharing those links! There is some good information on how to shape your shots.  I can't wait to get out on the range and practice those shots.

  4. Ron R

    Visualize it and say it out loud. Example "I'm aiming at the tartare behind the left edge of the green and I'm going to cut it in. Or  I'm aiming right edge and I'm going to draw it in."  You'd be surprised how that helps. 

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