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Lately I have been hitting the ball straight, but I can't seem to get my alignment down. I think I am aiming straight but after the shot i check where my feet were pointing and it's way to the left or right. I don't understand why it it so hard for me to accomplish such a simple task. Does anyone have any tips?

I was thinking about getting some alignment sticks to help. Does anyone know where to get some Titleist ones?

Thank you very much-


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  1. scott a

    Stand directly behind your ball and see your shot. Then pick something on the ground a few inches in front of your ball that is on that line. Place the club, aiming at the mark on the ground, then set your feet and you should be good to go.



  2. chris b

    A tip I was given a long time ago ....

    Imagine you are standing on Railroad tracks ... the far track is the target line (where you want the ball to go).

    The track you are standing on is the "stance" line ... directly parallel left to the target line.

     Key point to remember though is to keep your shoulders and hips also square to that target line.  Take that approach then pick up the club and run it parallel across your Feet, Hips, Shoulders ... in that order ... and see where the club is pointing and adjust accordingly.  This gives you that "visual" that you need, especially if you don't have anyone else watching you.

    That's essentially what alignment sticks are doing for you ..... giving you a sense of where you are aiming.  When you "see" it, it is easier to comprehend.  You can use your clubs and get the same instruction ... just lay them across the ground.  One outside the ball to show you the target line, one across your toes to show parallel target line and one from the ball to the middle of your stance.  Because ball position has a lot to do with alignment as well.  Ball too far forward ... opens up your shoulders and hips so you aim left and the clubface is aimed straight, you end up cutting across the ball which creates a fade.  Ball too far back, closes your shoulders and hips and the opposite happens ... a hook.  This is what I do intentionally when I want to fade or hook the ball.

    Just my two cents worth.  Good luck and spend some time on the range with some purposeful practice ... don't just beat balls!


  3. Allen L

    Simple task?  I like your attitude.  Simple tasks should have simple solutions, right?  Have never seen a Titleist alignment sticks.

    Here's what I do, with fairly good success.  Stand behind the ball, pick a landing target.  Then I pick out a spot about 10-15 feet in front of the ball on the target track.  I set the club head behind the ball and make sure its face is lined up with the short target.  Take stance and re-check the club face.  Sometimes it just doesn't feel right, then I'll back off and start over.  After the shot, if I'm facing the long target I know that I should be on a good line, and usually I am.  When I'm having an off day I'll usually be facing left of target after the swing and that's usually where my missed shots end up.  Getting the distance right is where I have more of a problem.

  4. David K

    I am working on my alignment also and I am looking for some Titleist sticks also. I have been checking ebay for some. Found other brands there but would like to get the Titleist ones if possible. I guess if I can't find them, I will have no choice but to get a different brand stick.



  5. Don O

    Titleist ones would be cool,but the local big box home improvement store will likely have something in day-glo yellow or orange for driveway marking. Better than a brand X stick.   At least we do where we need to find sidewalks and driveways under a foot of snow with the snowblower.

  6. ToddL

    Something that I would strongly consider - take a lesson or two with your local pro.  They should be able to get you back on proper alignment for your swing.  

  7. Chris92009

    Alignment, sorry to make this more complicated, is also referring to your hips and shoulders.  I have discovered over the years that using alignment sticks are great for pointing oneself in the correct direction, it is also important to take another alignment stick to double check your body is also pointed that direction....just a thought! Good Luck!

  8. Greg K

    I agree with Crhis92009, it's more than aligning the feet.  The hips and shoulders are important too; not to mention spine alignment too.  This is a very technical game for sure!

  9. tdogg21

    Kind of what some people have been saying, but I pick where I want to aim and then pick a spot a couple of inches in front of the ball.  When I address the ball, I never look at my target, I just look at the spot in front of the ball.  Then I just try to hit the ball over that spot.  I don't worry about my hips or shoulders because I figure, I don't care where I'm "aimed" if I hit it over the spot I want.  Might be too simplified for some people, but it works for me.

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