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Would you go to school?

Don O

Any opinions about going to a school like Ledbetter's, Sorenstrom, Haney, Harmon, etc?  Could four days of intenxive immersion be better than hour sessions with a local pro?

I could be persuaded to spend 4 days in Las Vegas or Florida in January instead of hanging in sheds at driving ranges.  Just wondering if anyone out there could compare a trip to a well known training program to being as valuable as a trip to Oceanside... 

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  1. Todd T

    I did the 3 day at Kip Puterbaughs in Carlsbad when I first started and it was info overload...

  2. Greg K

    If I had the money, I would attend the Butch Harmon Floridian!!!!!!  From what I hear RC is an excellent instructor too.  Maybe one day I can make this happen!

    I have a buddy who is a pretty good golfer that has helped out the last couple of weeks.  My ball striking has improved greatly; even for this 5 handicaper! 

    So if you can afford it, I would definitely do it!



  3. AJAR

    I would definitely enroll in the Dave Pelz short game school if I had the cash. 

  4. Marc S

    The Butch Harmon Floridian is a "top notch" facility with leading edge technology. I recommend it to anyone that can do it. First rate peole teaching the game we all love! Maybe the question should be: When are you going? Hit em Straight   Marc

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