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hit my 3 wood

eric t

I guys,i had difficulty to hit properly my 3 woods is anybody had a type for me thanks.

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  1. Zach S

    When i struggled with my three wood i found my tempo to be very fast (like i was trying to kill it) and not let the club do the work. I also found that my ball position was in the middle so i tried moving it more toward the front of my stance. These two changes greatly improved my 3 wood. Hope they help you.

  2. Kurt V

    I have always had trouble with 3 wood off the deck. I can hit all of them off the tee. The newer larger 3 woods are even worse . A tour pro gave me an old TM 200 3 wood that I loved until I got a 913f 15. I went with stiff Diamana S+. I probably should hit a reg but the stiff is accurate. I can go at greens with it. My instructor told me that most tour pros hit their 3 woods with a cut intentionally off the deck. Keep all your weight on the front foot the entire swing and hold the face slightly open through impact. With a little practice you can dial in the amount of fade at will. Good luck!

  3. John L

    I haven't had that problem eric so i dont know if i can be much help but i'll try. the 3 wood is my baby. i can crush it off the tee and the deck. one thing i do is keep my hands forward of the face and still catch the ball on the bottom of the swing. i've never been a sweeper. so that would be my advice. keep the swing compact and under control. swing natural and loose keep the hand forward the head threw impact and keep swinging all the way threw to finish strong. make sure you get that weight 60-40 to the lead leg. it will help you with making a crisp impact. hope it helped

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  4. Ryan M

    I used to have trouble with hitting my 3 and 5 wood, I found that just staying disceplined on the ball and making solid contact with a casual swing will help you every time. 

  5. andy r

    My only tip is to remember you want to be sure to hit the down on the ball with your 3 wood, not the upward sweeping swing of a driver.

    A nice smooth tempo, hitting down on the back of the ball will get the job done. Good luck and play well !

  6. Lou G

    I finally can hit a 3 wood pretty well.  That was my driving club between 1972-2006.  

    You play the ball probably about 2" behind the front heel.  You want to hit down on the ball but also want to maintain spine tilt.

    Take a nice smooth swing.  The 60-40 weight balance between front and back feet is good.

    I received a good golf tip after sending 4 videos to   The teaching pro told me I was straightening my back leg (right) on the backswing.  I also had a strong grip.

    I've established my 3 wood 42" with 58-58.5* lie angle and my 7 wood is 41* with 59.5* lie angle.  This would be playing a 910 or 913 fairway 1" short and 1.5* upright.   I found it hard to get used to hitting a 43" club off the deck.


  7. Rick D

    slow and steady. as other people have said, let the club do the work. The harder you swing, the more inclined you are to miss hit, and get frustrated. practice practice practice. 

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