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Winter Practice

Curtis M

So what does everyone do in the winter months for practice??   Simulators for me, although I do not exactly trust how accurate it may be, but nice just to be able to swing a club.  

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  1. tdogg21

    Unfortunately, not a lot of winter full swings for me.  Thinking about getting a net for the backyard on the not too cold or snowy days.  And going to put a putting green in the basement this winter when I'm done doing some other work down there.

  2. Brandon B

    Swing my club in my living room which my parents love... also I hit wedges from my loft down to my living room with foam and plastic balls. Other than that I just putt a lot and go to simulators as well. 

  3. Chris S

    Brandon B

    Swing my club in my living room which my parents love... also I hit wedges from my loft down to my living room with foam and plastic balls. Other than that I just putt a lot and go to simulators as well. 

    Careful with the indoor swings, I recently took a nice size divot out of my carpet! ;-) oops

    Now its just mostly putting.

     Chris S

  4. Dan W

    When I used to live in MI (I'm in NC now)  I could go to a range that had an inflatable dome over it. The inside was draped with cargo nettings to catch the golf balls. Your shots only went about 40 yards but at least you got to keep the rust off your swing. Another option was a range that had covered & heated stalls. Now, in a Michigan winter, heated stall or inflatable dome it was still plenty chilly so you layered up good but again, you could keep some semblance of a golf swing intact until Jack Frost left town.


  5. Steve H

    We have two heated outdoor ranges nearby my work and my home.  I hit those couple times during the week and on the weekend.  I spend a tremendous amount of time working out and focusing on the physcial side of my golf game.  I also have a putting green set up in the house to praticew mainly routine.  When I can't  take it any longer, I get in the car and drive 450 miles down south to play in 50 degree weather.  It sucks, but it beats doing nothing.

  6. Richard S

    Hey Gang, I hit the simulator each Saturday and enjoy being able to swing my clubs, albeit a Sunday bag. Driver, 3 & 5 wood ball flights are almost exacting, though the biggest challenge seems to be gauging putts. Good to catch up with partners and stay loose.  

  7. SD_Golfer

    We don't have a simulator near by, my ceilings aren't near high enough for indoor swing practice, fortunately my putting and chipping don't need a lot of work, a few days on the course and I seem to be back to normal.  I do practice my swing in the back yard when weather allows.  I am also doing some basic golf exercises for stretching and basic toning ... I am trying a few different reps, not sure which I will stick with but hope to have a exercise routine figured out by season opening in April or May.

    I really can hardly wait.

  8. Grant C

    It kind of depends where you live. I live in Georgia so usually I can still go out even if it is really cold. I always go for a weekly lesson and then I will hit on the range for 20-30 minutes. The I will go to a putting green and pick a target, then chip 3 balls at that target and see how many I can putt in with only one try. I try to go play but its hard for me to do that a lot since I am only 15 and the course is too expensive to play on regularly so I go play at the par 3 course at my club. Sometimes I will do other stuff like practice out of the sand or just focus on putting, but for the most part that is my routine.

  9. john c

    Work on stretching and flexibility. Living in Co.Springs we get a variety of weather. One week it's in the - temps but the next could be 60. So I swing the club 100 times in the warmer weather and stretch when I can't. I also swing in the garage. piece of carpet on floor and tall garage.

  10. John

    Swing a weighted trainer.  Looks like a regular club but half the size and weighted at the bottom.  It always for great muscle memory and a little strengthening of the arms and forearms.  Works great in the basement or the living room, and it's size allows for full swings without fear of hitting anything valuable in the house.

  11. Speedy

    Golf Simulator for me also.  I really only pay attention to the numbers for my driver and irons.  Short game and putting is like playing TW on XBOX.  I played last night for an hour and half.  Played 45 holes and hit the range...  It's amazing how much golf you can get in when you're solo...  My back on the other hand, tough start this morning...

    Spring/Summer can't come fast enough!!!! 

  12. tdogg21

    Well, this winter turned out to be a lot worse than most years.  We've had at least some snow on the ground since before Christmas.  And as soon as the snow starts to melt (like last weekend) we get another storm (tomorrow).  So no full swings for me this year.  Hopefully the snow shoveling built up some mystery golf muscles.

  13. Tim Tiger

    We have had a roller coaster winter, but it usually does not keep us down very long.  

    I work on flexibility and strength during the cold periods.  And bundle up with FJ layers and play when the temps get right.

    Played in shorts last Saturday and expecting a chance of snow this coming weekend. 


  14. John L

    luckly for me not alot of people go to the range and i bring my own out door heater yea it raises the cost but atleast i get to practice full swings and get real results. i mostly just stick to range parctice. i do my putting indoors and work on my putting form

    cheers greens and fairways to all


  15. Paul B

    my range is heated, but we have been bombarded with snow in the DC area. I practice a lot of indoor putting and just taking some swings inside my office. keeps me somewhat loose. I'm a 14 as of last year, and played while on business down in orlando for the first time of 2014, shot 89 on rented clubs, was pretty pleased. i think it was due to watching tv and putting on my mat and swinging inside the office.

    it's tough for us folks who really can't play for about 3-4 months out of the year.

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