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Tony W

Help!  After a great round yesterday I went out today to the practice tee and . . . Shanks!  I'm hoping it will just go away

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  1. Mike C

    Have had this happen before myself a couple of times and it was always a setup issue.  Spend a sometime with your local pro and he should be able to diagnose the issue pretty quickly.  For me, it was setting up too close to the ball.  Simple fix and, there you go, pure strikes again.


    I find personally I lapse into small changes that I cannot see myself.  Having another person evaluate you generally works best for me.  It always surprises me how a little tweak her or there can make a big difference.

  2. Curtis M

    Put all your items in your left pocket, flip your hat around, put a tee behind your left ear, and tie your left shoe tighter.   That should help!

  3. Tony W

    Love it!  If it's good enough for Tin Cup it's good enough for me. 

  4. Tony W

    Thanks Mike

  5. Fred C

    Tony, if you still are dealing with "hosel rockets", often they are caused from standing too far from the ball and/or putting too much weight toward your toes at setup. This can force you to start down with your arms and swing "over the top" to be able to reach the ball. Check to see if you feel as if you are reaching for the ball at set up. After that, stop trying to hit the ball so hard and make certain you start down with your hips.

  6. Lou G

    Shanks are caused by a few things.

    1.  Too close to the ball

    2.  Loss of balance by setting up too far from bal

    3. Coming over the top.

    4.  Standing too upright cause what APPEARS to be a shank.



  7. Charles R. B

    Shanking or hitting with the hosel is caused by coming down from outside to in and when you do the clubface stays open and the first thing that makes contact is the heel or hosel. Raymond Floyd used to say you can never stand too close to the ball.  Couple things for thought, two knuckle grip, make sure the V`s between thumb and first fingers are pkointed at the back shoulder, and take the clubhead back and through on the target line for as long as you can. Concentrate on coming into the back of the ball from the inside, and no more shanks!

  8. bigearnucsd

    i've been battling shanks too. i'd get 1 shank every few rounds. I've researched google, youtube, forums and they all got great explanation and drills but the problem for me is it seems almost impossible to erase that shank muscle memory.

    Latest thing that worked for me was little wider stance. i think my stance was too narrow, making it easier to sway and get off the swinging plane.  i think the wider stance created more stable base helping me to stay on plane.  

  9. Alex B

    NEVER repeat NEVER use the S- word

  10. John L

    I see you asking for help on the shanks but not exactly sure what shank is but i would give this advice. start hitting pitching wedges. find your swing then progress back up the food chain. I had a great teacher before that built my swing from the ground up using a pw. he did this so that any time it started falling apart i could go back to the pw. i would say grab a few alignment rods if you dont have any. the one thats on your foot line mark where the ball should be  and on the second one mark how far the ball should be away from you. place the second rod about 6-8 inches behind the ball so your not hiting it then hit a bucket of wedge shots start with half swings and work your way back up to full swings. you'll be making solid contact with the ball in no time.

    cheers greens and fairways


  11. AC RixRox

    GOOD AVICE! My DAD Taught me the same way. He wasn't a pro but he made a truck load of money on the golf course.
  12. Lee S

    Put 2 balls down. Set up the club face on the ball that is furthest away from you and then swing to hit the ball that is closer to you.

    This will help cure the "S"  issue really fast.

  13. DaveB

    When I shank a shot, I find that, for me, it's more from leading with the heel of my left hand at impact and not releasing the club enough to square the club face at impact, so I'm throwing the hosel of the club right into the ball instead of a square club face. A few practice swings accentuating a good release of the club head at the impact point helps to fix it for me.

    Good luck!

  14. Ryan D.

    So, I just came off from a few weeks of this...

    When I went to lesson, the ONLY thing I was doing wrong was I had too much weight on my toes throughout the swing.

    When I say too much weight, I mean, it wasn't even noticeable to me that I even had weight on my toes. Try and stand more flat footed or even barely on the heels. When you finish your swing, try to finish with most weight on the leading foots heel. This is what has cured me.

  15. Rick M

    There is some good advice in this thread. I will throw in two more thoughts on what is debatably the most frustrating thing in golf. First, lay down an alignment stick outside the ball along the target line and hit the ball without hitting the alignment stick. Second, make sure your weight gets to your right heel on the backswing and to the left heel on the follow though for a right handed golfer. Solved...with practice.
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