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Slicing the long ball

Evan M

I am a righty, and I'm not sure if the 18 degree weather has anything to do with this, but seemingly daily i switch back from a controllable fade with my long irons and Driver, to a slice the next day. I've triple checked my grip and my alignment, and my initial ball strike to follow through. Some days I can correct it and other days I can't control it at all. 

Does anyone have some practice tips that can help me to build a more consistent, straighter swing for my longer clubs?  

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  1. Tyson F

    First off, I think your crazy for playing in 18* weather, lmao.

    Now, what I do to fix slices when they start to creep into my game.

    First, aim more right, even more right that you can imagine, then, HOOK the ball with intent to snap hook it as bad as possible.  For me, I find it easier to dial a hook back down than to bring a slice back, so the goal is to hook it repeatedly, then work back straighter from there.  Aiming way right will help, your brain knows your aiming over there, an should help you really release the club early so not to hit it over there, but to hook it back.  It may not work for you, but, it is what works for me, and it is what I've taught my 3 sons to do if / when they have issues.

    Learning your flaws an how to fix / quick fix them is a huge benefit to keeping scores low an wallet full. 

  2. Chris B

    I suffer from a similar 'curse' however have found that my slice is often caused by allowing my hands to creep a little too far ahead of the club at the point of impact.  The cure I have developed is giving a greater amount of concentration to my left arm in my downswing as I transfer my weight.  If anything, I have developed a slight draw on my drives now.

  3. Petah


    I have the same issue, especially at the beginning of the season. No matter how good I'm swinging, I've never had the ability to draw the ball with my driver... just not in my natural swing mechanics.

    I really try to focus on being cognizant of keeping the club face square at impact, keeping my head down and allowing my shoulder to hit my chin before I look up.  Other two things I do is close my stance a bit (so my feet are aimed just right of my target line), and secondly, take the club head back as nearest to the ground as you can in a straight line before making your upswing. On the follow thru, swing out towards your target line before pulling the club behind your head for the finish. This has helped me refrain from coming across the ball and putting that slicing spin on it at impact.

    Hope this helps.



  4. Ron R

    Sometimes fixing a slice is as easy as finishing your swing.  By not finishing your swing with your lower body (belly button to target with pivot of back foot) it makes your arms come across your body more creating a slice. 

  5. Ron M.

    Sounds like your tempo is fluctuating....I find myself doing this sometimes...I tend to swing faster w/long irons thinking it will go farther...This will cause my hips to turn faster and delay my arms...The club head will come through open and cause a slice.. The 1 way that works for me is, I swing a 9 and 3 iron until my tempo is the same with both clubs...Then go to (8/4-7/5-6) and back to (7/5-8/4-9/3). Hit 2-3 balls with each club...This drill keeps my tempo consistent. Good Luck

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