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What tips would you like to see from the pros?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

We're headed to the Honda Classic next week and we'll be meeting up with a number of Titleist Brand Ambassadors to film the next installments of the Titleist Tips from the Tour.

And we want to hear from all of you on what types of tips you would like to see... From short game tips to putting drills or full swing mechanics or any other part of your game that needs work... it's all on the table.

You tell us and we'll work with the players to get some of their insight, thoughts and advice down on film.

Looking forward to your suggestions.



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  1. Don O

    Everyone wants Steve Stricker's secret from inside of 100 yards.  Besides his stroke technique, it would be fun to get an idea on a full routine on practice days.  Its the practice effort that we really need to think about to improve our games.

  2. Chris S

    Controlling trajectory. Practice routines. Pre-round Mental approach.

     Thanks Mike!

     Chris S

  3. Chris P

    Something I encountered recently...Long, (30-40yd) greenside bunker shot.

    Thanks Mike,


  4. Tim Tiger

    Would like to hear some of their training tips during the season.  Maybe what they do to stretch before the round and drills that keep them stretched.


  5. Mark F


    My main problem shot is the 20-45yd half shot.  I'd like to see what goes into the pro's decisions as to low runner, high stopper, or whatever.  I never seem to be able to decide what to do and so I don't have the confidence with the shot I pick.  Thanks.

    Mark F

  6. Tom E

    Hi Mike,

    My glaring weakness is distance control in greenside bunkers.  I would love to know how tour pros hit it close from various greenside distances (10, 20, and 30 yards).

    As an aggressive bunker player who is a digger, my miss is making contact with the sand too close to the ball and end up airmailing it over the flagstick.  My ball will check up, but the damage is done and I'm stuck with a long par (or birdie) save.  Or worse, I have to get it up and down from off the green.


  7. Tom E

    Hi Mike,

    Just saw the Brendan Steele video on long bunker shots.  Hopefully I will apply this heading into my season.

    Another thing I would love to see is hitting pitch shots off of downhill lies and having them land soft.


  8. Dan W

    Hello Mike,

    1. As weekend warriors, we can't send our caddies ahead to scout a course or shoot the yardages with a laser range finder. Many courses don't have yardage books. All you get is the score card and the yardage markers on the holes. With those restrictions, how would the pro's approach playing a golf course for the first time? When they stand on the first tee, how would they dissect that hole? What things would they be looking for to figure out how they're going to play it?

    2. What technique(s) to use to make an approach shot, say 150 yards, either land & roll out (a little bit) or land and check up?  

    Thank you.


  9. Curtis M


    Would like to hear some of their training tips during the season.  Maybe what they do to stretch before the round and drills that keep them stretched.



    I second that!   My pre-round drills definitely need some attention. 

  10. Jerry Wood

    How do you hit a sever down hill shot  from 20 to 30 yards from the green

  11. Peter H

    I would like to see how they flight their wedges down to get more controlled wedge shots.


    Peter Hansen

  12. Steve H

    Thanks Mike,

    I would like to know how many days a week and how much time they spend working out and what exactly they do.  I would also like to know what days are spent working on what part of their game.  I would be nice to know how they decide on their routine for a certin course or cetain shot.  Thanks

  13. Chris92009

    I would enjoy hearing about what specific stretches the pros do before a round to help them get ready for their rounds, also are there any different stretches prior to practice rounds vs. competitive rounds??

    Thanks, Chris

  14. Charles R. B

    Hi Mike, I have been trying to learn how to hit the low flying chip that hits once, then on the second bounce it almost stops. I`ve done it by accident a few times, but I would love to learn that shot . Seems like I have to chip quite often and it would definitely come in handy!! Thanks, Chuck B.

  15. memphisunited

    Mike - I think the approach to course management has been mentioned.  I would like to hear specifically about shots into the green and the thought process to attacking pins or not.

    More importantly to me are how to handle long putts.  What are the thoughts about line, speed, etc. when it comes to really long putts.  

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