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Preserving Game Momentum When Encountering Slow Play

Allan S

I just participated at a tournament in which I was having the most impressive streak in my very challenging golf experience. I had gotten into a nice groove and was working on a +1 in a lapse of 8 holes. At the end of the 13th hole (the 8th in my streak), I found myself waiting for 20 minutes to tee off at 14th. There went my mojo! I had never truly cared, except this time, my game was giving me that I can't miss feeling. What can someone do to preserve the momentum of swing and state of mind when facing slow play?

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  1. DaveB

    For me, if I'm having a really good round and start getting held up, I'll start visualizing the remainder of my round during my waits. I'll start with the shot at hand, then visualize the next shot, and the shot after that... then the next hole, and the hole after that... all the way to the club house... and always visualizing a successful result with each shot.  It's my way of passing the time constructively I guess. Although, if I'm on the course with my buddies and just out for a great time of jousting with each other, than I'll do that and not worry about the waiting... whether my round is going well or not... because I just won't let slow play ruin my time with my friends.  I'm a fairly patient guy, so frankly, slow play rarely bothers me much either way.. unless it's cold, rainy, etc.

    Good luck!

  2. Allan S

    I will surely try that. It is just stressful to see that the Champions group is the one that is mostly slowing things down. They should be the ones moving faster, am I wrong?

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