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Chunking the ball

Rob R

I just got a new set of AP1's, I had them fitted.  They are +1/2 inch longer.  this year, I've been really chunking the ball.  I'm not a a great golfer by any means(bogey golfer), but I've never chunked the ball like this.

Can a half inch really make that much difference?  It would seem to be no since your clubs are not all the same length.  Any thoughts?

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  1. DaveB


    Maybe try choking up 1/2" the next time you're out and play nine holes or so like that and see if that changes anything.  I was fit for my AP1's this spring at +1/2" and 2* up, and I was very surprised at that. I had never been fitted before and I've always just bought "standard" off the shelf.  I've always played stiff shafts and now I'm playing reg. flex.  I'm very happy with what the fitter prescribed for me.  I guess my point is to try to remain confident that you've been fit properly and that maybe it's just something in your swing that needs to worked out... it's early in the season and maybe you've just a little something strange going on with the swing.  Sometimes when I start hitting chubby shots, I find that it's because I'm dropping my upper body during the downswing causing me to hit a little behind the ball.

    Good luck!

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