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Swing issue or club issue?

Corey M

I recently have lost distance in my driver...and only my driver. My main issue has always been too much spin and ballooning. I play:

Driver: Titleist 910D2 8.5 diamana ahina whiteboard stiff 72g I believe?) Loft setting: 7.7 degrees, Lie setting: Neutral

3-wood: TM Superfast 2.0 TP(13.5) stiff

Irons: Titleist 710 AP2 4-pw stiff

My question is this. I hit my 7i (160-170), 3-wood (245-255) and until recently my driver ~275. Now I seemingly hit a flush drive and when I get out to the fairway my drive is 230-240. No added distance from 3-wood? This is on drives that feel great and are then seemingly dying.

Is there a possible swing related issue that could cause this (I'm a 15 handicap and obviously humble to your responses) or is this possibly shaft/club related?

Best Regards,


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  1. Spudstarch

    When you say "dying" do you mean that the ball seems to stop at its peak then fall straight down or does it seem to go up then down with little to no hand time?

    In other words, is the ball still ballooning? If your ball balloons at 7.7 degrees of loft, I am going to go with it's swing issue.


  2. Brian P

    My question is, why is your driver loft that flat?  Most professionals have a loft at about 9* on their driver.  IMO, you need to torque that bad boy to about 9 or 9.5 degrees or higher.  Just a thought.

  3. Scott M

    This is an interesting topic. Although the OP's issue may be loft/swing related, I do believe Drivers lose their "pop" over time. I play a lot and spend a considerable amount of time on the range and I believe my drivers wear out after a few years. The hard range balls doesn't help this problem. Can anyone comment if there is a certain # of hits a driver typically has in it before it starts breaking down? I understand it will depend on swing speed, etc.
  4. Jacob F

    is it possible for you to be pulling out the 3 wood when you mean to get the driver..? :)

  5. Chris Hatem

    I don't think it's the club. Maybe you're a little steep on the angle of attack?
  6. Corey M

    Jacob F

    is it possible for you to be pulling out the 3 wood when you mean to get the driver..? :)

    Best answer! Thank you everyone. I added a little front knee flex. IE: Bubba Watson and my spin numbers went way down. I have been playing my desired ball flight for a few months now. I have no idea why this worked, but oh well. Scores are great...only thing that matters! ;-)

  7. Spudstarch

    My guess is it probably lowers your swing plane out to be flatter, so that you do not come in as steep as you used to. Glad it is working for you. Hard to be sure though without any additional details.

  8. Edward K

    Glad its working out. Check your extension during the takeaway. That tends to get smaller over time, shrinking the arc. Believe me, we all notice a loss of distance as soon as it happens.

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