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Toe Shots

Tracy C

Lately I have been hitting quite a few shots off of the toe. Does anyone have any ideas about what I may be doing wrong?

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  1. Steve H

    You may be extending your hands too far. You could be "rigid" in your setup and then relax and the hands may be slightly closer to your body at impact. You can also get some Powder ( foot ) to cover your Driver or iron face and see if you are in fact impacting it on the TOE. My suggestion. Set up with the Ball on the Heel of your club or Hover the club at address. You may get in better Position. FIX: probably a Setup or swing path issue. See a Professional for more detailed help.
  2. Tracy C

    Thanks very much! I will try your suggestions. I know it is something small. It has just been a problem recently.
  3. Spudstarch

    My common misses are off the toe as well. Usually it is due to too much lateral sway. Try keeping your lower body more steady as if hitting out of a bunker and see if that improves your consistency. It works for me.

    Good luck,


  4. Matt H

    Hi Tracy, Two years ago I had the same problem. A lot of toe shots and near misses. I was able to analyze my swing (from the back to check for upper body position on the downswing) and found that as my arms became parallel with the ground, my upper body started "pulling" away from the ball. Not sure if you have the same problem but you may also be leaning (standing too far from the ball) at address. Good luck, Matt
  5. Anthony D

    i had the same problem for a long time, i went to get my clubs fitted and it turned out that was the problem with mine. changed it 2 degrees and voila! nice clean iron shots all for just $40. that may not be the fix for you but if you havent been fitted i would give that a try

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