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On the green from the deep side on the short side

Don O

How do you get out of deep rough on the short side of the green?

I've tried using a wedge, but often will have a longer putt than the original distance to the pin?  Hybrid or Fairway as a putter?

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  1. Spudstarch

    Hi Don,

    That kind of shot will come with experience because your method may vary depending upon how well it is sitting up on the rough.

    For me, I will tend to use something with a lot of bounce or a wide sole. The hybrid/fairway idea can work if the ball is more "teed up" on the grass. The wide sole with prevent the head from digging too deep and sliding underneath the ball. But if the ball is deep in the grass, you might not be able to get the head deep enough to  pop the ball out. Personally I don't like this technique because, for me, the ball comes off the face too hot and I overshoot the hole.

    For deeper lies, I use a high bounce wedge and try to get under it like a bunker shot. The higher bounce will help prevent the grass from grabbing the head too much. If the grass is particularly long, I sometimes come down steep like a "bump and run" and gouge it out, just so I don't have to fight though a lot of grass

    I think it is going to come down to personal preference, creativity and feel. So I would suggest practicing all sorts of techniques and see which one gives you the most confidence. One time I had one of these on a downhill lie, so I basically had to do a flop shot with a 60-8 wedge.


  2. Chris Hatem

    For this shot, I would tend to hit the "splash" shot as well with a steep approach and an open face relying on feel and picking a landing spot to allow for some roll. However, this is certainly not your only option. Your best option is whatever shot you have the most control/confidence with. Maybe you would do better with a stronger more driving wedge shot into a backstop on the other side of the green hoping that it will take the slope and come back a little. That could help to eliminate the short miss that could be a result of "getting too fancy" with the flopper. To me, the short side miss into the deep rough constitutes a situation where I just want to get a club on the back of the ball, pick a conservative spot on the green (with more room for error than a normal pitch or chip), and then carry out the shot hoping to save par and avoid the large numbers. Good Luck! FWYS and G's CH
  3. Don O

    LOL, when I leave my water-seeking balls at home, I bring the balls that find the short side uphill from the pin. Thanks for the comments - I'll need to work on the deep rough suggestions. On the short side I often don't swing hard enough to clear the rough. Need to buck up and take the medicine of the long putt back and try to get down in 2 by being on the green with just one shot.

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