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This shot gives me the most trouble

andy r

Help !!

The shot that gives me the most trouble a green side bunker shot from a down hill lie , usually ends up real thin and skanky.

 I know it will naturally come out lower and to play it back but is a steeper swing needed ?

Any and all tips will be welcome and appreciated.

Thanks and play well !

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  1. Dan S

    Line up your shoulders, hips and knees to match the slope. Weight mostly on your front foot. I was taught to have ball position near the middle or near back depending on the steepness of the slope. Use your most lofted club. Downhill lies for some reason usually go right so swing more to the left. The instructor who showed me made it look easy, but I still can only do it 50/50. Good Luck at perfecting that shot.

  2. andy r

    Thanks Dan for the reply, believe me I am not worried about perfecting it would just be happy to not blade it across the green  : ).

    Thanks again for the tip, practice ,practice,  practice.

    Play well !

  3. Todd T

    YouTube GP Bunker... Get your body going with the slope and expect a low runner!

  4. B.A.

    When you practice those shots, pay attention to where you are looking. At a greenside bunker, if you are looking AT the ball, you're more likely to hit it far by hitting it thin. Try looking right behind the ball.

    PM does have a good short game video set. You should check that out. 

    I bet PM would win more if he went with Titleist.


  5. andy r

    Thanks Todd,  I will check it out .

  6. andy r

    I will give the PM video a look , he is a short game wiz so I will see what I can learn from it .

    Thanks again , play well.

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