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Roch A

Hello, I'm a solid 6.8 handicap. I find that after a road trip or a couple of days without hitting a golf ball, I lose my tempo and have to spend a couple of hours on the range to get it back. I'm starting 9th grade tomorrow and was wondering the best way to keep my tempo, while also balancing schoolwork. I don't want to have to spend hours on the range every Saturday because I missed the whole week.


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  1. James E


    First off, congratulations on having such a low handicap as you enter the 9th grade. I am sure you are looking forward to playing on the golf team.

    I am glad to hear you want to balance your education. Your education will be one of the most important things you can do for yourself in order to be successful. Study hard.

    With that said, I have heard some people use a phrase to help their tempo. For example, you may want to say "Smooooooth" on your backswing, then "and" on your transition, then "straight" on your downswing. Or some other positive words. Depending on your tempo maybe 4 1 syllable words or something. Anything to promote tempo. I personally do not do this but I know some people who do and do it successfully.

    The only other suggestion I would have is try to get out to the range and hit balls for 15 minutes every few days. I am a big believer in seeing your divots and seeing your ball flight so hitting balls is the only other idea. Just practice swings might cause some small issues to creep in. I know this is not always practical but hopefully you live to close to a range. 

    But of course, they are my opinions and not necessarily fact. These are from my experience and will differ from others.

    I am sure others will have some great ideas.

    I hope this helps. Study hard, do well in school, and good luck on the golf team. Keep focused, stay positive and I think you are going to do very well.

    All the best.  

  2. mark t

    Study Hard, enjoy golf, you might even get a scholarshjp.

    I was thinking maybe you can get a small piece of indoor/outdoor carpet (grass type) about 2 ft by 2 feet and go to a sporting goods store and buy those limited flight plastic balls and hit it your backyard after homework or chores.  Don't worry too much about ball flight, you're working on tempo and contact.  If you live in an apartment just do when parents are not home, just don't get caught.

    Its not exactly like going to a range, but it helps.  I got a bucket of old used balls that I keep and I use it in my backyard for chipping and pitching when I feel like practicing.

    5 minutes of practice does help.  I practice putting on the carpet at home too.

    good luck.

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