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How high do you tee the ball?

ben l

Just want to get a feel of how high do you tee the ball for max distance?

I tend to tee the ball so the top just slightly shows above the crown.


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  1. Chris G

    When my driver is grounded behind the ball, about half of the ball is above the crown of the club. I tend to hover my club about a 1/2" above the ground at address just prior to my backswing.
  2. Spudstarch

    2 and 1/8 inches
  3. Steve L

    My normal tee height is 1/2 of the ball above the crown, but just slightly higher and forward for max launch and distance.
  4. Travis W

    I like a nice high ball flight. With persimmon woods, that was always the gouge: Have half the ball above the top of the face. I noticed with my 915 D2 9.5, when I teed it with half the ball above the top of the face, I would get that loud pinging noise. I have recently been teeing it up a bit higher, maybe 2/3 of the ball above the top of the face, and getting much more solid feel and sound, and beautiful high ball flight.

    I say experiment with different ball heights until you get the one you like best.
  5. Bob T

    I use a 2 3/4 inch tee and tee the ball as high as I can, just inserting it enough into the ground to support the ball. Also don't forget to address the ball---Hello ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Chris Hatem

    Depends on the wind, and the ball flight shape I am trying for.
  7. Don O

    I use contact tape - spray foot powder is an option. Then adjust the ball height to your swing to make contact just north of center of the clubface.
  8. Sawyer Nix

    Usually it is a little higher than you think. I probably need to spend some time myself to explore.
  9. Jim K

    I like to keep it low as we tend to have very windy conditions where I typically play. So I'll set the tee so that the ball is just over the crown of the driver when I line up. This assumes no hill or upslope in front of tee of course.
  10. MSilver

    It all depends on the situation. If the ground is dry and no dew I'll tee the ball low. This allows me to get good distance but more importantly keep control of the ball. The higher you tee the ball, the more spin you generate. If it is wet, you should tee the ball higher to generate more spin. Water will make the ball unpredictable so the more spin on the ball, the more controlled the flight. Anyone can hit the ball 300 yards. It's not always about distance but control and consistency.
  11. rduhon

    half ball showing above the club when grounded behind the ball is what i was taught by my local golf pro
  12. MSchmidt

    So the driver is a little bit above the ground
  13. MMHarmon32

    You gotta have at least -half- of the ball above the crown of your driver when it's sitting behind the ball, in order to a) hit the ball on the 'upswing' for max distance, and b) impact the clubface just above the centerline, again for max distance.

    A little shoulder tilt (front shoulder higher than back shoulder) completes the equation.
  14. DV

    Chris Hatem

    Depends on the wind, and the ball flight shape I am trying for.

  15. Chuck Z

    All depends on the result I want to achieve, the lay of the land, and the weather conditions.
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