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Course Management

David P

I play at Denton golf club, I am a high handicapper 21, After back surgery I have been struggling to hit below 100.

After a couple of round's with a low handicap golfer, he gave me excellent advice on changing club selection.

I am now hitting Irons instead of my hybrid, although I loose distance, I stay on the fairway more often, and reach the greens with a shot for power. often just one over, Going out and watching better players is assisting in my approach to each shot, and club selection. I hope to get my handicap down as my recovery continues.

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  1. Jonathan K

    Never underestimate the impact of an excellent short game. Working on your short game will help you see significant reductions in your handicap. Best of luck.
  2. Bob T

    Good luck in your recovery!!! Sounds like you have been getting some great advise. Set goals, as keeping the ball in play as mentioned, and place your shot safely if you do not hit the green, will save you strokes. Practice with the putter also so that you become more consistent with it and even knock more strokes off. Keep up the great attitude!!!
  3. GFeldman

    Sounds very good and hope your golf game can improve. I do believe you know how to hit the ball so just figuring out the best clubs and shots to hit will be key when managing a golf course. 100 yards and in and around the green is the scoring zone so if you can manage to get up and down 50% of the time right now your score will drop drastically. If you keep hitting fairways like you said earlier then hitting greens isn't that harder so you'll be on your way to lowering that score! Keep at it. Boom!
  4. SDupeire

    I would definitely say DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS. The thing that could sometimes hurt you the most being a high handicapper is trying to cut corners on doglegs
  5. Chuck Z

    Always check the yardage off the tee. Plan your tee shots accordingly. Hit your tee shot to a distance that you will comfortable with, which may mean that you do not always hit you driver. I am not a young man by any means, but can still hit the ball out there at 70, but I may only hit my driver three or fours times during a round. The group I play with play from the Senior tees and I am use a three fairway, 17* hybrid or even 21* hybrid to get myself into a good position to use a full short iron into the green. Position golf helps lower the handicap and shoot better scores and it so much more fun to play from the middle of the fairway. Learn to play to distances and you strengths and that handicap will drop and you will find golf to be so much more enjoyable.
  6. YKheong

    In my opinion I don't think changing hybrid to iron will affect that much on your game, it's how you layout your ball on your desire location/distance. I saw a lot of senior golfer couldn't reach par 4 in 2 but good scrambling technique when it's around the green. Don't push yourself too hard and enjoy the game!
  7. C.Gee_1

    Work on your putting. Most of your strokes come from putting. Putting, after all is what gets you in the hole most of the time. Just have fun and enjoy the game!

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