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Collin D

Hey guys I'm new here to TT and recently became a Titleist staffer. Im an assistant pro and have another go at my player's assessment test here in about a week for the PGA Apprenticeship Program and was just wondering if anybody had any advice for taking one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Chris92009

    I have known many people that taken the PAT and the key is treat it just like any tournament. Relaxed, Confident and No Stress....

    Good Luck!
  2. 19hole

    Don't try to play to aggressively. Shoot for the middle of every green. Birdies are not necessary, but a double can kill you.
  3. Steve N

    Work on releasing the club because you know it yields good results. Releasing builds confidence. Holding back creates lack of confidence and then bad things happen.
  4. Collin D

    Thanks guys much appreciated! Im taking it the 16th out at cleveland country club and I just got the target score and pairings sent to me. I only have to shoot 160 through the 36 holes which means 2 80s that shouldn't be hard to do at all so hopefully Monday i can let you guys know I passed!
  5. Gabe B

    Fairways and greens. It's different from every other event in that you don't have to beat anyone except for the number. Most courses you can hit the middle of the green and have a decent chance at birdie. If you two putt you make par and in this event pars are good. You have much more room for error in this event than you think. Treat it like any other round of golf with your buddies. Relax and have fun with it.
  6. SDupeire

    Good luck. Have fun and don't think about it too much
  7. Collin D

    Practice round went solid guys hit all but 1 fairway and shot a 75 first time seeing the course. the biggest help was i ended up getting to play with the club champion from the prior year so from the looks of it this should go pretty solid monday!
  8. Chris Hatem

    good luck man, go get em - F&G

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