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Hey guys, i play every saturday in a competition, and nearly everybody can hit it further than me, I'm just wondering, does distance really matter? or should i focus on getting a better short game? Thanks!

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  1. Dino J

    Hi LWeir,

    You don't mention how your results stake up against the rest of them. If you're in a long drive competition then yes, work on gaining distance. But, I presume that you are not in an LD Competition so your basic area(s) to focus on would probably be better spent in trying to improve your scoring.

    This is typically in and around the greens (short game & putting) and your iron shots/approaches to the green and trying to get your shot as close to the pin as reasonably possible.

  2. DV

    Hey LW,

    Hey LW,

    Read this Golf Magazine article and then you decide.

  3. No'l

    LWeir, distance is a double edge sword. It can help a golfer a tremendously to advance in a much preferred position, or it can bring every trouble on the course in an errant shot. But I have a feeling that you know better and have actually said it your self- you can be the master in the approach and or around the greens. It is always easier to work with good putting/chipping, there you can actually be as good as anyone as it does not demand power or a precise club head speed.
  4. 19hole

    While distance doesn't hurt, I would rather be (and usually am!) a few yards back and in the fairway. You chances are much better from the short grass even if you a farther away. A good short game is easier to develop than trying to swing harder to get more distance.

    See your PGA Professional for a short game lesson or two. You will frustrate the bombers when you can get up and down from pretty much anywhere.
  5. Barry B

    Distance does matter, but if you're not a big hitter it takes a lot of work to consistently hit the ball farther. Best advice, focus on your short game. Having a great wedge game and being a better than average putter is usually money in the bank.
  6. CBlack

    Hi just read your comment and no I don't think distance matters. I can generally hit the ball very long but I find keeping it straight and having a very good short game are more valuable. It is true that you can overpower a course with distance but if you can make putts and chip well you will still score just as well.
  7. CBlack

    Hi just read your comment and no I don't think distance matters. I hit the ball generally quite long but I feel having a tight short game and having precision off the tee is far more valuable. It is true yup can overpower a golf course but if you hit the ball straight and get up and Down more often than not then you will score just as well.
  8. Steve L

    statistically on tour distance lowers scores, however, for the average amateur I think improving your short game will save you more strokes. Jordan speith yesterday hit 4 gir and shot -2...
  9. Chris M

    I love the saying, "drive for show, putt for dough"
  10. Christian J

    I used to be in the boat that finding the fairway mattered more than distance. However, I've had an awakening this year and have really started to play better by hitting driver on just about every hole and going for most every par 5 in 2. The stats back up that the closer you are to the hole, the lower your score will be. Even if your wedge game is sub par, it is much easier to hit the green from 100 yds than 150yds. As it relates to your game, it shouldn't matter if others are out driving you, it matters that you have the highest probability of hitting the green with your next shot.
  11. Speedy

    I'll take accuracy over distance any day! Guys i play with definitely hit it longer than me and I could careless. As long as I'm having fun and scoring well i'm happy. At the end of the day are we keeping track of how far we're hitting or the score? And I agree with everyone here; concentrate on your short game. There's 2-3 strokes right there you can save. Driving the ball is one, 3 if you go OB when swinging hard...

    Play well!
  12. Bryn P

    The advice given to you by the above posters is rock solid. Accuracy trumps distance every time!
    My buddies would all go out and buy the latest, greatest drivers and swing out of their shoes trying to realize that dream of being really long off the know what? 50 extra yards, 3 fairways over is not much help.
    Go to the range my friend. Practice, practice, practice. You can really tell the difference between the "show" golfers and the real golfers at the range.

    The show guys are banging 50-60 balls with their drivers and a only a few with their irons. Notwithstanding I realize there are a few guys who need to work on their drivers, but I think you all know what I mean...
    Then there's those guys that never pull their their driver at the range, or maybe hit 5-6 with it. They are constantly working on the wedges or short irons or hitting from the bunker. Those are the guys that, in my opinion, "got game"

    I have almost as much fun at the range as I do on course. Okay, I said almost...;). I try to diversify my routine, start out hitting cuts and draws with 8, 9, W....move to my mid irons, or, I'll take a scorecard with me from a course that I'll be playing and "play" the course on the range. Hit driver, then according to the distance play the next shot with what ever club is needed for the yardage and so on and so on for all 18. Fun way to work your whole bag into the workout.

    Anyways, keep it in the short stuff!

  13. vurich

    LWeir, never ever, ever never, pit yourself against what "others" do. Play your game. Swing your swing. Enjoy your joy. It's your game. Your life. Do what you do and have fun!
  14. Darryl M

    14 strokes are drives. The rest of your game is your score. If you are accurate off the tee, then your approach shots and short game needs to be solid & you will score well no matter your distance. One key to distance is swing faster not harder & that is hard to do sometimes. If you can swing faster without hurting accuracy then you'll pick up some yardage. But it still comes down to approach, short game & putting. If you miss greens & 3 putt that longer drive doesn't matter.

    Good luck and hit em' well
  15. AHorstman

    As a professional I would be careful to define short game. Having a good short game is important no matter your level of play, but if what you mean by that is being able to get up and down after missing the green then you are fighting a losing battle. If by short game you mean your approach shot into the green, that is the key. Getting up and down keeps a player scrambling all day. Practicing the clubs that should be hitting the greens will lower your scores. Greens in regulation will keep the pressure off the short game and allow you to be more effectual. One of the best lessons I ever received was from a 75 year old club pro. I had just started playing pro events and went to play this old guy. He couldn't hit it over 200 yards. I told him if he would finish his back swing that he could add another thirty or forty yards to his drives. He told me that when I started beating him that he would start hitting it farther. He hit his 200 yard drive, put his next shot in the middle of the green, and proceeded to putt me to death. He did this all day. Lesson learned.
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