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Hands are sweaty


Hi I was just wondering how other people were keeping there hands dry. I don't use a glove since they always get holes.

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  1. Barry B

    Plain old dry towel works fine, but what I hate is my hands getting "sticky" from sweating on these wonderful high humidity summer days. So I carry two extra towels (small ones) with me, one wet and one dry. I use them during my round to wipe my wipe my hands off and keep them clean & dry.
  2. PGuggenbuehl

    Wear a glove. They are supposed to wear out, thats why they are always on sale. They wear out so your hands don't.
  3. Darron K

    Use a towel. Not sure though as we don't know how or where you grip the club. A glove will last me longer than the tackiness/effectiveness of the glove will. If I get a hole it's usually from white knuckling. I don't wear the glove for the whole round though, I do take it off after each shot and don't wear it inside 50 yards unless I'm in a greenside bunker.
  4. Keith M

    Towels are a big help. Regarding your gloves, your grip may be a contributing factor and what kind of pressure you use when holding the club.

    Also, if your grips are well worn they can add to the "slick" feeling. While they're certainly not the favorite of every one, I use Winn DriTac grips. I live in the South, so humidity is common and the tackiness of the grips is a big help on hot, humid days. (Of which, there are many.)
  5. Alan B

    You can use stuff called Gorilla grip excellent stuff for sweaty hands my friend
  6. FJL

    I have the Titleist Full Chord Grips.... never a problem and if they get a little slick, I carry a small piece of a high grit belt sanding strip and wipe them lightly up and down to expose more chord, which helps. Not too many people use this style of grip because it'll tear your hands apart if you have no calluses, especially without a glove, but the majority of pros change their grips very often at the Tour Trailers and a lot go to some type of chord, either half chord or full chord, for the hot humid weather.
  7. Christian J

    I'd recommend using a glove if possible. For those especially sweaty days, I will rotate 2 or 3 a round. Titleist has a great resource for glove care and how you can extend the life of each glove here:

    Generally speaking, following these tips, I can use a glove for 10 rounds before it becomes strictly a "practice" glove.
  8. Gary D

    I don't wear a glove either. I usually carry a wet and a dry towel. Wash my hands with wet towel and dry with the dry towel. I use Tour velvet rubber grips so I can wash and dry the grips also. Never have a problem with slick grips or wet hands slipping.

  9. GPritchard

    Thank you everyone.
  10. Chuck Z

    If your gloves are wearing out quicker than normal and developing holes then you may not be getting a golf glove that fits properly. Most golfers are not fit properly for gloves and the gloves wear unevenly. A glove should fit tight. There are gloves that are made for hot weather that do last and are very effective in the Acushnet family.
  11. greg p

    Synthetic gloves and cord grips will help. Make sure you have a couple of spare gloves and rotate them throughout the round.

    A properly fitted glove will "grab" the grip. This will free up your swing because you are not thinking of squeezing your fingers to prevent club loss.

    I played gloveless for years and finally realized what a mistake it truly was.

  12. chris b

    Talc powder or a rosin bag ... I keep one in my bag for use when needed. I also use about 5 towels a round for sweat.
  13. Derek

    You could even try wearing a rain glove if your hands sweat a ton. I have several friends that use them on extremely hot days.
  14. PClark

    You should really wear a glove. If you cant, use a dry towel.
  15. Andrew A

    I use a rosin bag and it helps immensely. Most bowing alleys will sell small ones you can fit easily into your bag.
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