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William B

I am having a real hard time with my putting. I've switched from cross-handed to a convintinal grip. Nothing seems to work. I am pulling and pushing most of my putts. What can i do in order to start putting great again?



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  1. Nick P

    What kind of putter are you using and how long have you been using it?  You might consider giving yourself something different to look down at.  Also you might be overthinking things.  Stan Utley was part of a great discussion group that Titleist put on at the PGA show and was talking about how sometimes people get over the ball and think too much and tend to get too mechanical. 

  2. Deno


    Usually a push or pull occurs right after the contact with the ball.  Wrist movement/rolling is the culprit.  Place a dime about 2 feet in front of the ball.  When you consistently roll the ball over, it move it another foot.  You want to develop a repeating follow through straight at the target.   Gradually you'll eliminate pulls and pushes.   You can also use a putter alignment tool.   I put an oversized grip on my putter, helps to square my stroke.


  3. Ryan Crysler

    Try changing your mindset with Zen Putting by Dr. Joe Parent.

    Ryan Crysler
    Head Instructor
    My Golf Performance Center

  4. Evan01

    Take a look at Dave Stocktons tips in golf didest. I can't remember the issue maybe someone on TT can remember. He is smooth an easy on the head. Not a lot swing thoughts. More feel and it lets you relax a little. It worked wonders for me.


    first relax........... try  putting to a spot on the practice green (SPOT) not hole.........  one handed with  your dominate hand try it for  the first ten minutes of your putting session for a few days  let me know if it helps ......

  6. Matthew K

    What i imagine is a line going to the hole or starting the intended line. Extend it a little past your putter and simply try to follow that line with your putter keeping it on the line most of the time, it really has helped my putting.

  7. Hotsauce

    Nick P

    You might consider giving yourself something different to look down at.  Also you might be overthinking things.  Stan Utley was part of a great discussion group that Titleist put on at the PGA show and was talking about how sometimes people get over the ball and think too much and tend to get too mechanical. 

    Well said.  I would suggest switching up flat sticks and going with whatever feels good.  I have a handful of Newports and a Circa 62 No.2 that I rotate between.  Before a round I will just roll a few on the carpet, and whatever one feels good goes in the bag.  If I had a good putting round, I'll keep the same stick in the bag until it goes cold.

  8. John L

    Putting matt.  Seriously get one. i have a nice black odessy one that has a line down the middle of it. the Whole point of a putting mat is tempo and smothness. It will help you build confidence on short puts aswell as developing a consitant putting swing. get a mat and putt a hundred a day on it. you'll find in no time your putting becomes more predictable.

  9. Jonderdonk

    Buy the book "Secrets of the Short Game." It has helped me immensely with putting and every other shot from 50 yards in.

  10. Vincent a


    Evidently at one point you were putting great.  The first question is what has changed?  Did you alter your stroke or pre put routine?  Putting is very strange and the smallest alteration will cause drastic results.  Before buying new putters, changing your stroke, before doing anything drastic, analysis your stroke and try to figure out what changed.

    I believe that most push or pulled puts are the result of head movement.  Instead of keeping the head still during the putting stroke you are subconciously either looking at the putter head on the backstroke or follow thru.  You are doing something different.  consider ball placement,stance-upright or bent over.

    You apparently were putting great cross-handed.  The cross-handed stroke causes you to hit down on the ball causing it to pop off the ground therefore exaggerating any miss hit.  When you were putting great with this grip, you were probably sweeping the ball with your stroke therefore the ball would start to roll immediately and along your selected putting line.

  11. mick t

    get put to win by dave stockton dvd. it will help   

  12. Brian Schorsten

    You must obtain clubface control.  The ball goes where the clubface is pointing.  There are several training aids out there to help you.  However one of the best is a chalkline.  The tough part for most amateurs when using a chalkline is finding a  6 foot straight putt to put it on.  Snap a chalkline on the green and place two tees in the green about 12 inches in front of you.  One on each side of the line.  Work on getting the ball to start on the line and in between the tees.  This will help you control the clubface during your stroke.

  13. charles h

    i recently read a great article on putting with your left hand low (im right-handed).  i just tried looking for the article but unfortunately i cannot locate it.

    so i deceided to switch my hands around and i feel like i have much more control with the putter (taking the putter straighter back and through with the putts). 

    you could also change your putter as well and try a fitting.  there was a local putter fitter where i live and that was helpful too 2 years back.

  14. Olivia S

    If the problem is over-thinking, next time you warm up just use one hand (left for direction issues, right for gauging speed). Make sure your putting stroke is ONLY a swing of your sholders, no hands or wrists involvment at all. Lastly get a good look at the slope of the green and where you need to aim. Take your time lining up, pointing the putter exactly where you need it, before you stroke the ball.

  15. Padraic S

    putting requires a very non exciting mind the greatest putters just look at the ball, look at the hole and watch the ball go in. relax yourself focus on your pace and just let the ball roll. don't try to change your stroke a lot every time you change your stroke you have to readjust your fundamentals look at your putter it might not be fit for you check the balance on the face the best thing to do is to go to a fitter. for quick tips get the medicus inside down the line the thing is like heaven ever since i started using it i putted a lot better and won my first tournament on the sjgt tour i hope you start playing better because that is one of the best training aid on the planet GGGOOODDD    LLLUUUCCCCKKKK

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