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Flying with clubs


As a frequent golf traveler, my clubs are with me almost every time I board a plane. Right now I have a Samsonite case that has seen better daysi. Does anyone out there have the club glove? Is that product really worth the extra money

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  1. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    I always travel with the Club Glove Last Bag. It's a great bag and easily fits a cart or carry bag. There's also enough room to pack some extra gear in there, which helps. I haven't tried the stiff arm but I've hear good things about that as well.

  2. Tim Tiger

    CG is the best product for taking your clubs along.  Much easier to use than anything else I've tried.  You can get them personalized as well.


  3. Ruben A

    I like the Club Glove but would also suggest the Club Glove Stiff Arm.  I have heard of a couple of drivers snapping after the bag was dropped by the handlers on the top of the bag.  The stiff arm absorbs this and protects the longer clubs.



  4. Hotsauce

    Are they all that durable? I don't mind spending the extra cash if it's worth the extra coin. It's sounding like a club glove is the way to go.

  5. Don O

    I have a Bag Boy T-10.  Having a hard top and a canvas bottom, it is light weight, travels easily, and folds up into the hard top for storage. One airport broke the head handle but I was easily able to replace the rivets with screws, locking nuts and larger solid washers.  Have rented a hard case (forced an upgrade to an SVU to fit) and have had the latches and handle break.  Another time felt bad for the retired gent at the luggage office at another airport with a 35 degree offset on the driver about 15 inches up from the head.  Soft cases scared me.  I'm happy with it and they run about $125.

  6. Justinu3

    Definitely Club Glove Josh!

    Haven't used the stiff arm but heard that is nice for extra protection.

  7. Todd T

    Stiff Arm and Club Glove can't be beaten, go to website and get a different color than black.... Easier to ID!

  8. ToddL

    Josh - I would go with Club Glove without hesitation.  In my opinion, they are the best built travel case on the market.

    You can get a cheaper case, but you get what you pay for...


  9. Sam H

    I have the club glove burst proof II and the stiff arm.  i would recommend this if you use a carry bag.  it has pockets for 2 pairs of shoes and plenty of room for extra gear.  you'll pay for the quality, but it comes with a lifetime warranty.  definitely go with a color other than black so it's easy to find. 


  10. george t

    Another positive vote for the club glove with a stiff arm.  A friend has one of those hard shell (not sure which brand), his complaint is storing the darn thing, as it doesn't collapse at all.

    And one tip regarding the roominess of the club glove last bag - I've over packed it twice, exceeding the 50lb limit of most airlines.  Fortunately, I was able to transfer the weight to my normal luggage, avoiding extra fees.

  11. SGB

    My husband and I both use personalized Club Gloves (Last Bag) with the Stiff Arm, and have had NO issues in the 10 years we have bought them.  The in-line skate wheels and bearings roll true and no bag "flip-over".


  12. Hotsauce

    Thanks for all the comments. I'll have to pick one up. Does titleist plan on releasing one that's not black? I'd love to represent all over the airport!

  13. MK

    The CG stiff arm is money! When I travel, I always remove the heads of my driver, 3 wood, and hybrid. I then put the heads in the headcover and put tip protectors on the tips of the shaft. I then proceed to wrap the shafts in blue painters tape and put iron headcovers on my irons. 

    The reason for the blue painters tape is b/c I once took a flight to Vegas and went straight to the course with my clubs. All my clubs were in different parts of the bag and the graphite shafts on my woods were scratched. 

  14. Ryan P

    I recently purchased a travel bag and was seriously contemplating the Club Glove.  My pro recommended I not spend the extra money and go with an OGIO Straight Jacket.  The OGIO SG was only $140, compared to the Club Glove being $250.  I haven't used it but the construciton looks very strong.  It's also very roomy and well padded.  My clubs easily fit into the bag and I'm positive I could pack all of my apparrel and shoes in it as well.  It also weighs only 7lbs.  He swears by OGIO and has had the same straight jacket for 6 years.  I will be flying twice roundtrip for golf in the next two months.  If I see any sign of detioration, I can promise you that I will spend the extra money next time and go with Club Glove. 

    I hope this helps.

  15. Eric

    Club Glove is definitely the way to go - super durable.  Don't think the Last Bag is necessary unless you have a staff bag.  For everything else, the Burst Proof II is awesome. 

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