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First Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

Brent B

We recently finalized our golf trip lodging reservations to Myrtle Beach for 12 guys. We are now looking into our best options for courses and booking tee times. Some guys will want to play 2 rounds a day while others only 1. What are our best options for the best deals and also not knowing how many tee times to booked each day?

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  1. Brian M

    I don't have a clue, but I was just asked to join a group heading down to Myrtle Beach.  Trip is second week in April.  Heard many good things and look forward to the trip.  The plan is 36 holes for three days and 18 on fourth day.  Enjoy your trip.

  2. Ron M.

    I would recommend playing Pine Lakes if you get a chance...Great layout w/ water on 17/18 holes....134 slope at 6675yds....have fun

  3. Cole W

    The cat courses is north myrtle are great, the legands courses are nice also, most courses will off replay rounds for a considerable discount, or there are many places that do packages for each day.  Lots of options at myrtle, we have a group of 32 that go each year.

  4. Big Cat

    There are some things to consider when planning a Myrtle trip.  If you already have your lodging then plan on focusing on courses mainly in that part of Myrtle - that being North and South are a long distance.  There are the larger resort facilities that have multiple courses.  They tend to be good places to work with to play 36 - they have more options for openings and you may want to play a different layout.

  5. William R

    Ive played many rounds in Myrtle Beach the past few years, but this past year we splurged and played a few different courses. One course that was amazing was called World Tour. It replicates famous holes from all the around the world like Amen Corner at Augusta. Another fabulous and probably my favorite course was Caledonia. It was the most lush and well maintained coures I've ever played in MB. But usually the company that owns The Wizard, The Witch, and Man O War, usually have a package to play the 3 of their courses. If you have any questions about other courses, and like one other person said, it really depends on what part of MB you are staying at because of the long distance from north to south ends.

  6. Robert M

    If you are still looking for courses the following are great courses and are must play: Pine Lakes, MBN Kings North, Tradition Club, TPC Myrtle Beach. Our group has been 7 years in a row now and these tracks stand out. Enjoy!!

  7. guy s

    if you want to play 2 in one day try Barefoot Resort they have 4 course.

    Dye and Love are really good tracks.

    My 2 favorites are Tidewater and True Blue.

    Other good courses are

    Dunes if you can get on,  Grand Dunes, Glen Dornoch.

    Down by True Blue are Heritage, Caladonia , and Pawleys Island .

  8. Brian M

    Just got the courses we will be playing in April. Any one have any reviews on the following courses:  Crow Creek, Sea Trails, Sandpiper Bay, and Oyster Bay.  Thanks in advance.

  9. Brent B

    Thanks everyone for the helpful responses. We booked 3 courses for our trip with free afternoon re-play. Heather Glen, Possum Trot and Glen Dornoch. We leave Wednesday and weather looks pretty good so far.
  10. David C



    Good luck on the courses you booked.  If you have an opening, I would highly recommend True Blue and Calendonia.  True Blue is great but make sure your putter is ready.  It has some of the most challenging greens I have played on.



  11. Brad L

    I like Blackmoor. It is a G. Player design that allows you to get creative with your shot making. The rates are fair and staff is friendly. True Blue is also a very good layout that compliments its surroundings.

  12. Greg P

    First trip down there, after a tough winter in Chicago, the guys were anxious to jump off the plane swinging.  We played 18 the afternoon we arrived, 36 on the following 3 days, and 18 again on day of departure.  None of us were in golf shape after essentially 3 months without touching a club.  And we paid with sore muscles, raw hands, and overall physical/mental fatigue.  (Heck, we don't play that much in mid-season yet we wanted to cram everything into 5 days after a winter.)

    My suggestion is to make sure you prepare yourself in advance with a workout program.  Hit a bunch of balls on a regular basis .And once you get down there, take it easy, focus on quality, and have fun.  No one says you have to play all 100 courses.

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