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Golf in Santa Barbara CA


I've got a trip to Santa Barbara coming up in Feburary. Anyone know a good track in sunny CA?

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  1. Cameron D


    Check out Rancho San Marcos Golf Club.  Great hidden gem about 25 min north of Santa Barbara.



  2. Manuel M

    Hey Josh 

    I truly hope you enjoy your trip to Santa Barbara. It's a very beautiful city with many historic areas around. How far are you willing to travel for golf?

    -Manny M.

  3. Hotsauce

    Hi Manny,

    I'm going to be all over CA actually.  I'm going to be is Santa Barbara the most.  I'll be heading to Ventura, LA, Frisco and Sacramento too, so driving around won't be a problem.  If you've got anything around there, I'd be interested.


  4. Hotsauce

    Nice!  I'll have to check it out (and post some #TeamTitleist pictures too)  Thanks Cameron.  Good tracks are few and far between

  5. NYCGolfer

    Played Rancho San Marcos and Sandpiper last summer - two very different courses, but both worthwhile.  Rancho is in the hills 25 minutes from Santa Barbara and very dry (for East Coast types, but arid for Southern California) and Sandpiper is essentially "in town" and on the water - refered to as "a poor man's Pebble, and couldn't disagree.  See -  If you have a connection to get you to (private) Valley Club at Montecito, take advantage of it. 

  6. Dr. Kovatchian

    Sandpiper is a must play!!!!! Easy to walk and excellent views!!!! is Solvang is also a great track.

    DR. K

  7. Todd T

    Ojai resort and spa is in great conditions now!

  8. Hotsauce

    Well TT I'm rolling in on Monday. I'm gonna try to sneak in a round at Sandpiper and one at Rancho San Marcos. Hopefully the schedule will work out! 

  9. Hotsauce

    Great call on Ranco San Marcos Cameron! Although Sandpiper had amazing scenery, Ranco was my favorite from a purely golfing perspective. 

  10. Hotsauce

  11. Hotsauce

    Here's Ranco San Marcos

  12. Cameron D

    Great pic Josh!  Glad you enjoyed the course.



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