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Has anybody ever played in Tallahassee?

Ryan P

A group of guys from my club in Southwest Michigan are headed down two weeks from today to play in a 4 day Ryder Cup against Capital City Country Club in Tallahassee.  We have coined it the "Moe Norman Cup," as if you looked at our team, we certainly are unconventional from our age (29-66), the way we dress, etc.  One of our members lives in the Tallahassee full time as he is a very "high up" in FSU's Athletic Boosters program.  He tells me some good things about the place.  Has anybody played here?  What should I expect?

Also, what should we be looking for as far as nightlife goes?  We are hoping to bring the first every Moe Norma Cup back to Southwest Michigan and are looking forward to retaining it when they come up later this year.

Any information would be appreciated!


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  1. gfridley

    Ryan - it's been over 10 years since I've played the course, but if the 4C's is anything like it was when I was back in school, I think you'll enjoy the course. It isn't an overly long track but it has a good mix of holes that go both left and right. It definitely doesn't feel like your typical "Florida" course. The HP at the club is guys should have a great time.

    As for the night life...good times are to be had all over town. If you want to be a college kid again, few things are better than a happy hour at Potbelly's or saddling up at the soon to be world famous Palace Saloon. If you want a little more "grown up" setting, I'd stick to the downtown area near the capital. There should be plenty of establishments to keep you and your crew busy.

    One recommendation...make sure you make it to Jim and Milt's at some point during your trip. I would probably say that breakfast is their specialty, but they also have the best BBQ in town so don't rule out a lunch or dinner run either.

    Have a great time and play well!

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