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Torrey Pines Pro-Am

Cameron D Team Titleist Club Concierge

Was lucky enough to caddy in the Farmers Insurance Open Pro-Am.  Here is a shot of Brandt Snedeker getting ready for his approach to 18 green.  

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  1. Christian J

    That is pretty cool!  How did you get this opportunity?

  2. Cameron D


    I've caddied for a good friend the past few years in the Pro-Am.  He plays in it every year and will just contact me the day before.



  3. Brian D

    That's great!  What a cool opportunity.  Thanks for sharing the pic.  Do you caddie for Brett when he comes through, or was it random?

  4. Christian J

    You are one luck guy!  I would love to just get the opportunity of being on the same course that the pros are playing that week.  Hopefully someday I can! 

  5. Cameron D


    My friend is the President of the Century Club, so he gets the returning champion each year.  Trevor Hoffman also joined us as one of the Amateurs in our group. 



  6. Chris S

    Nice picture Cameron! Thanks for sharing, that sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

  7. NavyLD12


    It was great to meet you and i looks like you had a fun group that you were in. I was suprised how well Hoffman hit it. I think you group won for the biggest group of the day.


  8. Cameron D


    It was great to meet you as well.  Yes, Trevor started to find a groove at the end there.  I think all his drives on the last few holes were 315+.

    Fun day!



  9. greg p

    Geez, no wonder no one was answering the phones!  (Only kidding)

    Sounds like a good time.--though it seems everyone was complaining about the "cold" weather.  Bet you were anxious to hit a few yourself.

  10. Cameron D

    Haha.  It actually was perfect weather that day.  A little cold in the morning, since we teed off at 6:45, but it was calm and sunny for most of the round.  The weekend was a different story.



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