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TPC Sawgrass


So I'm super stoked to go play TPC Sawgrass. I'm there on a work trip, but i think I'll have time to get a round in.  I'm shooting for Thursday of this week. Has anyone here played it?  Any advise?  

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  1. Skylar T

    I went there on a golf trip once and it was a great experience. My advice to you would be to shoot for the middle of the green on 17!

  2. Joshua L

    Bring a bunch of extra balls

  3. Kevin H

    it is a fun course to play and of course #17 is a trip.  As others have said, make sure you have plenty of extra balls.  We played from the Pro's tees on #17 to see what it would be like . . . I was on-line to the pin but about a foot and a half short on a day when the pin placement was in front ( KerPlunk! )  You will have to let us know how it was afterwards ... best of Luck! 

  4. Dustin S

    I have never played there but I took a tour while out there last August. Beautiful course. The gentleman that gave us the tour told me that on 17 no one ever misses long. The green sits a little lower than the rest of the course so the wind gets a little funky. You could have wind at your back but the flag is blowing towards you. Go off what the flag does!



  5. Hotsauce

    What a trip! It was everything and more. The course was really fun, and the experience was unreal. Here's some pics. 

    On 18th tee

    TT bag tag on 17

    Giahotsauce ProV1 teed up on 16

    My final approach. 

    TT bag tag rolling up No. 9

  6. Hotsauce

    No. 11 was my favorite hole

  7. Freddy P

    Great Pics, glad you got to play and enjoy it! I was able to play the Valley Course and the Stadium Course over Thanksgiving with my dad. It was a lot of fun, 3rd time I played the Valley and the 2nd time playing the Stadium course. 

    Best part of the trip was #17, I knew the club I wanted to hit when I stepped to the tee and knocked a gap wedge 15 feet below the hole, it would have been inches from the cup if it was in the Sunday hole location. I was the only one in the foursome to make it on the green in one and left myself an uphill, left to right putt for birdie, using my trusty Fastback 1 I knocked right in the center of the cup, flipped the putter and did a little jog around the green. By far the best golfing moment I have ever had and may ever have!

    My Dad and I before teeing off on 17.

  8. ToddL

    Great photos Josh!  Looks like an awesome trip!  Did you meet up with Paul G down there?

  9. Hotsauce

    No I missed out. Next time I'm down there I'll try to get in touch with him

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