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Best Golf Courses

Connell S

Hey what are y'all's favorite courses, that you either have played or want to play.  My favorite that I want to play are Pine Valley, Cypress Point, and Augusta.  What do y'all think?

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  1. Bill L

    I would like to play St. Andrews because I believe there is is none other quite like it.

  2. Connor I.

    Definitely Augusta National, Pebble Beach would be my second choice.



  3. Chuck Z

    Connell S

    Hey what are y'all's favorite courses, that you either have played or want to play.  My favorite that I want to play are Pine Valley, Cypress Point, and Augusta.  What do y'all think?


    Two of the courses you mention are very private so very few of us get that opportunity.  But if you want to play a fun public course next time you are in the Pebble Beach area try Pacific Grove.  It is referred to as the poor man's Peeble Beach.  The back nine is a wonderful pitch and you will enjoy the view.   Also the Ocean Course in Charleston, SC is an excellent test.  If the wind is blowing it will more than you can handle.  I have been fortunate to have played a number of courses around the word think that you would also enjoy Ballybunyon in Ireland as well.  Being from South Carolina we proud of our golf tradition and of course Myrtle Beach being the number one golf destidination.  If you are in Charleston and get on at Yeahmans Hall it is a wonderful tract.  It was founded around 1927. 

  4. kevin h

    Ya that's right up there with win the lottery win the lottery and win the lottery
  5. Joshua L

    Of the Courses I've played, my favorite were, Whistling Straits, TPC Sawgrass and Quail Hollow Club. 

    Of course I'd love to play the 3 you mentioned. 

  6. Steve C

    my favorites I have played are Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits, and Arcadia Bluffs. My holy grail is Oakmont and I will be playing that in July. Cypress and Pine Valley are dreams I don't believe will happen

  7. Roger C

    Do yourselves all a favour and make a trip down to New Zealand and Australia. The courses are all accessible and rate as good as any in the world.

    Barnbougle in Tasmania is sensational! My favourite in New Zealand is Kinloch the only Jack Nicklaus Signature course in New Zealand. A terrific risk and reward design. Now isn't this gorgeous - the 2nd at Kinloch.

  8. Cole

    One of my favorite is a course (i'm not sure the name) but its in Maui Hawaii. My family owns a golf villa on the course and the view is spectacular! I believe there are two courses and both are amazing! A must play if you are in Hawaii!

  9. Hotsauce

    I got to play TPC Boston on Monday, and it ranks way up there with my favorite courses of all time. The course is in amazing shape and it's a really cool layout. The new green complex on 18 is unreal. They pretty much bikini waxed the whole thing, put the green on top of a huge mound, and then peppered bunkers and slopes everywhere. It's really going to test the guys during thenFedEx cup playoffs this year. 

  10. Greg P

    Those three are on my wish list too!!!  Great choices.

    Love the Bandon Dunes courses,  Kohler Wisconsin, and anything on the Monterey Peninsula.

  11. Todd T

    Best resort I've played was by far Bandon Dunes

  12. Nick P

    3 favorites I've played: Kapalua Plantation, Reflection Bay (when it was open), and last week the brand new Doak Course at Dismal River.  

    On the list: Cypress, St. Andrews, Augusta, but I know those will be hard to cross off.  Another, Sandhills which I hope to finally play this year.  

  13. matt k

    I got the privilege of playing Oakland Hills last week, and it was nothing short of amazing.  It has been the host of PGAs, US Opens, and the Ryder Cup.  By far the nicest course I have played. 

  14. MK

    Some of my favorite that I have played are Spyglass, Pasatiempo, Torrey Pines and Kapalua. I've played Pebble but I think Spyglass is a much better course.

    A few courses that I want to play is Augusta, Olympic Club, Monterey Peninsula CC, Madison Club, Shinnecock.

  15. george t

    My avatar is the 16th hole at Port Royal in Bermuda.  My slice of heaven . . 

    Bucket list does include a trip to Pinehurst though .  .  .

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