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Paiute in Vegas


Just got back from Vegas a couple weeks back and had to give a shout out to Paiute golf course.  We played there for a bachelor party and had a blast. The golf was fun too!  Topnotch course layout and conditions, an amazing practice facility and They have a sawgrass esq island green too.  Check it out. 

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  1. Brent W

    Absolutely a top notch facility. Three unique 18 hole courses. A must play if you are in Vegas.

  2. Todd T

    Absolutely loved the Wolf and not to far a drive from the strip!

  3. Tim Tiger

    Glad you liked it Josh. I play out there annually and they are always in awesome shape, plus the staff takes great care of their guests.


  4. Hotsauce

    It's a real beauty Tim.  I'm sure you made a couple of cart girls very happy

  5. Cole

    Wow! Looks like a spectacular course! If i'm ever near Vegas I know where i'll be playing! I love the Team Titleist Bag Tag too!

  6. Tim Tiger

    Josh G

    It's a real beauty Tim.  I'm sure you made a couple of cart girls very happy

    You know this, MAAANNNN.

    Just don't tip off the better half.


  7. Justinu3

    Heading to the Sun Mountain course on Monday!  Pumped to play.  Going to have to game this baby! 

  8. Justinu3

    Sun Mountain Course was awesome, great shape and terrific scenery.  Wish I would've played a little better but had a blast.

  9. Hotsauce

    Nice pictures man. The wolf course was tough but fun. Glad you liked it. Plus you snuck it in on an anniversary trip. You gotta share some tips on how to pull that one off- well done

  10. Justinu3

    Oh Josh, you are a newbie man.  You'll learn someday.  :-)  There's always bribery!

    jk, I am just lucky I married a wonderful woman!

  11. Todd T

    How'd you play J! Love that there's no homes on the course and its OUT there!
  12. memphisunited

    Great pics.  Looks like a course well worth playing.   

  13. Justinu3

    Todd T

    How'd you play J! Love that there's no homes on the course and its OUT there!

    Unreal scenery.  Cool to see the Blackhawks flying by too occasionally.  I didn't play as well as I wanted.  4 penalty strokes and having to get up and down 10 times made me feel like I was chasing my round instead of enjoying.  Shot 92 with 31 putts.  Putting was pretty good.  Just put myself in too many bad spots.  I need to work on my driver.  I hit it great starting the year and now something happened and I can't hit it straight to save my life. 

  14. Todd T

    At last you were there and enjoying it!

  15. Kevin B

    I can't count the number of times I have played each of the three courses.  When I lived there the rates were really good so it was a no brainer to head out there.  However if there is a little breeze further down the valley near the strip then you can rest assured that it will be pretty strong up there.  I did shot the best round I have ever had on the wolf (73 for an 11hcp).  Finally figured out hitting driver put me in to much trouble so three iron was the club of the day.  It did bring in a couple long irons into a couple holes though.  Congrats on getting the chance to play there though.

    If you make it back out you should look up Coyote Springs "The Chase".  It s a great Nicholas Signature design course with no house near it as well.  


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